AblebitsGetCellFontColor function

The AblebitsGetCellFontColor function returns the color code of the font color of the selected cell.

For example:

=AblebitsGetCellFontColor(N22) Returns the color code of the font color of the N22 cell.

Note. Formulas created with this function will work only on machines with installed Ultimate Suite for Excel. If the workbook is opened on another computer where Ultimate Suite is not installed, the result will be lost.
Tip. You can find the complete list of custom functions on the Ablebits functions for Excel page.



The AblebitsGetCellFontColor function syntax has the following argument:

  • reference
    Required. The cell reference with font color to return, e.g. B2.


  • The function does not work for conditionally formatted cells and for ranges formatted as tables with colored alternate rows or columns.