Perform math operations on a range of cells

Using the Calculate tool, you can apply basic mathematical operations, such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division, to the entire range in a click. What's more, you can add and subtract percentages or find the percentage of a number - all for multiple cells at once.

How to do quick calculations in Excel

  1. Select a range that contains the numbers to calculate in your Excel table:
    Pick a range in your table where you need to apply the mathematical operation.
  2. On the Ablebits Tools tab, in the Calculate group, click the arrow in the Operation dropdown box and select the operation you need to perform. In the Value box, enter a number:
    Select the necessary mathematical operation from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Calculate:
    Click Calculate.

    And see the result:
    Click Apply and get the result right away.

Note. If the cell/range in your table contains a formula, it will be modified according to the operation you select. For example, you have a formula "=A1+B1" in the selected cell and you choose to calculate the percentage "- %50". When you click Calculate, the formula will change to "=(A1+B1)*0.5". In other words, this changes whole formulas, not only values.
Tip. The last 10 operations are saved in the Apply Recent list. To see the latest operations, click the Apply Recent button and pick the operation you'd like to apply to the selected cell or range.
See the last 10 operations in the Apply Recent list.