Doc Tools for Google Docs

Handy single-click instruments for your documents

This add-on supplements your documents with a set of thirteen tools, each for a daily task that is cumbersome to perform manually. It gives you the easiest and quickest way to:

Get 13 single-click solutions for Google Docs

One click to make text look the way you need

Change case or font size, use highlighter or remove a particular color in one click

This straightforward sidebar will help to relieve you from all the minor text adjustments in your document.

Changing case in the selection is as easy as clicking the necessary icon: capitalize each sentence or word, apply uppercase or lowercase, and even toggle case. Find the right font size by using the “Increase font” and “Decrease font” tools. Each click will apply the next size on the standard scale.

You can utilize one of five highlighters with the possibility to remove just one particular color from the selection.

Work with lists, tables, and numbers

Arrange headings, list items, or table rows in alphabetical order

No matter how extensively we work with text in Google Docs, we still need to manipulate tables, lists, and numbers.

Doc Tools allow you to arrange your table rows, list items, or even headings with all their text in alphabetical order. Simply select them and click on the sorting option you prefer: ascending (A to Z) or descending (Z to A). You can even sort rows in a table by several non-adjacent columns!

When working with numbers, you can get them both ways: spell numbers, or replace words with integers.

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