Manage license keys and activations

In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

If you buy more than one Shared Email Templates subscriptions, you will receive one license key for all of them. For example, if you purchased ten subscriptions, the license key can be activated for ten user accounts.

If your email was used when ordering Shared Email Templates subscriptions, the Manage Keys option will be available for you in the Shared Email Templates web app. Manage Keys lets you see the list of Shared Email Templates users that activated the key you ordered and deactivate them with a click. Read on to learn how.

When the Manage Keys option appears

You will see the Manage Keys option in your Shared Email Templates account if three conditions match:

  1. You are using the Shared Email Templates web app. The option is not available in online or desktop Outlook.
  2. You have purchased at least one license key that covers more than one subscription.
  3. You are the purchaser, so your email address in the Shared Email Templates account is the same as the email address used when ordering the keys.

So, if you have five license keys each of which is for one subscription only–you won't see the Manage Keys option. If you've got one license key for ten subscriptions but the purchaser was your colleague–you won't find the Manage Keys option as well (but your colleague will).

Tip. You can contact us at from the purchaser email address and change the email of key manager to another one.

How to manage license keys and activations

In the Shared Email Templates web app, click the three dots and select Manage Keys:

Pick Manage Keys.

On the left, you will see your license keys, expiry dates, and the number of available license activations. In the screenshot below, there is a license key for five subscriptions: three users have activated the key and two licenses are still available:

Manage activations.

On the right, there is a list of users that activated the key. To deactivate any of them, select it and click on Deactivate:
Deactivate license.