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Manage subscription keys and activations

Note. Personal accounts this page relates to are deprecated. For up-to-date information, follow this link: Manage subscriptions.

If you buy two or more Shared Email Templates subscriptions within the same order, you'll receive a subscription key covering them all. If your email address was stated as the billing one in the order form, the Manage Keys option will be available to you in the Shared Email Templates web app. With this option, you can see the subscription key(s) that you purchased, learn how many activations are available, check a list of users who activated the key(s) you provided, and deactivate any of your keys for a certain user if necessary.

When the Manage Keys option appears

The Manage Keys option becomes available in the Shared Email Templates web app only if both conditions below are met:

  1. You're the purchaser and your email address in the Shared Email Templates account is the same as the email address you used when ordering the subscriptions.
  2. You have at least one key covering two or more subscriptions.

Note. The Manage Keys option is available in the Shared Email Templates web app only. You won't see this option in online or desktop Outlook.

If you have five subscription keys and each of them covers only one subscription, you won't see the Manage Keys option. If you have a key covering five subscriptions but it was purchased by your colleague, you won't see the Manage Keys option either (your colleague will see it).

Tip. You can change the owner of a subscription key by contacting us at from the purchaser's email address.

How to manage subscription keys and activations

In the Shared Email Templates web app, click the three dots in the lower-left corner and select Manage Keys:
Pick Manage Keys.
You'll see your subscription keys, their expiration dates, available activations, and subscription plans that your keys relate to.
Manage subscription keys and activations.
On the right, there will be a list of users who activated your key. To deactivate the key for any of them, select the user of interest and click Deactivate:
Here is the Deactivate icon.


I cannot activate my product from 2 days ago.

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