How to work with Attachments in Outlook online


Attachments is a handy tool that lets you quickly see all files used in your email conversation. It shows all attachments grouped by sender and date, and lets you open any email right from the list.

How to start the add-in

Once you enable the Attachments add-in for Outlook online, open any email conversation and click Attachments next to the store icon to open it:
Start the Attachments add-in.
The tool will quickly scan the email thread and show all messages that contain attachments. You will see a list with file names, senders, and dates they were received:
See a list of all attachments in the email conversation.

When a file with the same name and size is sent by different people, the add-in will show just the first copy of it.

Note. When a file is not attached but included into the body of the email, you will still see it in the list of attachments. However, due to the way such files are processed in different mail clients, they will be duplicated with every reply as they change in size and sometimes the name as well. There is nothing we can do on our side to change this behavior.

If no one in the conversation sent any files, the add-in will display a message informing you about it.

Click on any file in the list to open the original email that contains the attachment. If you work in Outlook Web App on iPad, you can close the email by clicking on the area to the left of it.

Note. Please bear in mind that the add-in doesn't open the attachments. Once you click the attachment in the list, the add-in opens the email that contains the file. You can then open the attachment from that email.

How to find attachments in the thread

If your email conversation grows too large, use the following options to quickly find any file.

Enter any part of the file name or its extension into the Search field above the file list. The add-in will show all attachments that match your criteria in an instant. For example, you can enter "doc" to see all documents, or "ppt" to view all presentations.
Search attachments by name of file extension.

Filter by sender

You can also see the attachments from particular people, excluding the senders you do not need to see. Click on the Senders header and pick the name(s) you want to hide. Click the names again to return the attachments to the list:
See attachments from particular senders.

Sort by date

The add-in shows the date the attachment was received; it starts with the latest file by default. You can change the order of appearance: click on the Date header to see the oldest attachments first:
See the oldest attachmnets first, or vice versa.

If the only detail you need to see is the name of the attachment, you can remove the columns with senders or dates: simply click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the add-in window and click on any column you don't want to see.

You can exclude information about the sender and date altogether to get more space for the attachment names:
Choose the details you want to see.


bin absoluter laie - outlook öffnet die dateianhänge nicht.
danke vorab für freundliche unterstützung...

Hello Willy,
Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, due to some technical limitations on the side of Office 365, our add-on can't open the attachments. When you click the attachment in the list, it opens the email that contains the file. You can open the attachment from that email in Outlook.

Some of my emails, which have several conversations under the new email, don't suddenly want to send when attaching documents. Every time I receive an "Undelivered" email and so the email could not be delivered.

I noticed if I access my Outlook email from my home computer, that every email signature, picture in the signature, etc, are added as an attachment and therefore I think the size of the attachments is too big and thus the reason my emails couldn't deliver.

Could you please help me as a matter of urgency, as I have to send these emails urgently and cannot.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

Hello Anto,
Thank you for contacting us.

I'm sorry but our Attachments add-in for Outlook online lets you only see the emails that have attachments in them. It doesn't help to send attachments in any way.
If you use our add-in for desktop Outlook that inserts attachments with a macro, please email us to with the screenshots of the problem.

If you use standard Outlook features, please contact Microsoft support team directly.

I've received jpgs that show only in the body of the email, I need to save them individually please explain how i do that. Thanks

Thank you for your comment, Sharon.

We’d love to offer this feature, but to our regret, there are technical limitations on the side of the platform. Our add-in currently lists all attachments within the current conversation for easier access and navigation. When you click the attachment in the list, it opens the email that contains the file.

You can open and save the attachments from that email in Outlook.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

This looks to be potentially a very useful app but i need a way of discriminating between signature images and real attachments, can you put in a attachment size filter so i can filter out images that are small and must therefor logically be of no interest.


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