Release notes

Ultimate Suite for Excel 2022.2

NEW: Formula Editor (a beta version)

If a complex Excel formula keeps returning an error over and over again despite all the efforts to correct it, even a very patient person might feel that nerves of steel are definitely needed. Stay calm and balanced ;) with our new Formula Editor which is designed to simplify the process of creating and editing Excel formulas no matter how long they are.
Formula Editor

NEW: Split Workbook

Working days are often too hectic to waste your time on copying data from one Excel file to another. Use the Split Workbook tool to speed things up. Decide on a criterion by which your workbook should be split and get the desired result with ease.
Split Workbook

NEW: Use LAMBDAs in Date & Time Formula Wizard

The Use LAMBDAs feature has been incorporated into Date & Time Formula Wizard to make it possible for you to enjoy reusing custom functions.

NEW: Support of scenarios

We've extended our support of scenarios to the following tools:

  • Merge Single Table with Several Lookup Tables
  • Merge Several Tables with Single Lookup Table
  • Merge Duplicates
  • Compare Tables
  • Duplicate Remover
  • Split Table

IMPROVED: Add text labels to status column in Compare Two Sheets

Comparison options available in the Compare Two Sheets tool now include the possibility of adding text
labels—Different, Matched, Unique—to a status column.

IMPROVED: Replace whole words only in Replace Substrings

To get only whole words replaced when processing your data with Replace Substrings, select the newly added Replace whole words only checkbox.

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