Ultimate Suite for Excel

Privacy, security, and data safety notes

We strive to protect the safety of your data for our product. Below you will find out what data, when, and for what purposes may be collected when using Ultimate Suite for Excel.

What data we collect

Personal data

Once you buy your license, we will collect only data you provide while purchasing it, such as contact information (first and last name, company name, address, email address), VAT ID and payment method. This information is collected and used for licensing purposes only.

Activation procedure

We use the activation procedure to check if the number of your activations does not exceed the number of purchased licenses. When you activate your license, you will be asked to enter your name or your company name if it is a business license. It will be saved to our records and associated with your license key and a unique identifier of your computer (we call it hardware ID). Hardware ID lets you not bother contacting us when you update or reinstall our products on your device. This information is collected and used for licensing and customer support service purposes.

Local log files

We collect log files only locally, on your computers. In the logs, we save only technical information that may help us provide you with technical support service or fix technical issues. We do not send these logs to any servers or services, but we may ask you to send your local logs to our technical specialists to help us reproduce or resolve your issue. This information may be requested from you for customer support service purposes.

The "I consent to sharing anonymous usage statistics" checkbox

While installing Ultimate Suite for Excel, you will see the "I consent to sharing anonymous usage statistics" checkbox. By selecting this checkbox, you give us permission to collect information about your environment (your Windows and Excel versions) and your use of our add-in (how many times you run a particular tool that the add-in contains and whether Excel crashes). While you are using our add-in, the statistical data is being collected and stored locally on your computer. This data is completely anonymous and sent to us only once—when Ultimate Suite for Excel is being uninstalled. We need this information in order to improve the add-in.


When you contact our customer support service, we keep all your email and chat messages. This information is collected and used for customer support service purposes.

What about data in your workbooks

Ultimate Suite is a desktop Excel add-in, it processes your Excel workbooks locally, on your machine. We do not collect, store, or share your workbooks, data or information from your workbooks and do not transfer them over the internet.

What data others collect, but we don't

We do not collect any personal information if you download and use the trial version of Ultimate Suite for Excel.

Who can access your data at our office

This clause refers to your personal data, i.e. all of personal data, or personal information, or personally identifiable information (as defined by applicable law).

We develop and test our products on specially created testing configurations, so access to your data is very limited and only a few people at our office have permissions.

Access to personal data is given to our technical support engineers and sales specialists and only in case when you contact us with related questions.

How we control accessing your data at our office

We make a lot of effort to keep your data safe. Firstly, we restrict physical access to our office and to our computers with door locking, access control systems, alarm systems, and surveillance facilities. Secondly, we restrict access to our systems by using central management of system access, no guest accounts policy, password, and authentication policies.

Also, we control access to data with the help of differentiated access rights, access rights defined according to duties, measures to prevent the use of automated data-processing systems by unauthorized persons.

To prevent unauthorized access, data alteration, and disclosure, all our communication channels are encrypted using virtual private networks for remote access, transport, and communication of data. All our sub-networks are joined into a wholly-owned private network. Finally, all our computers are protected with antivirus software and firewall systems.

How to erase your data

To remove your local data, simply uninstall Ultimate Suite for Excel and then remove Local Log files.

To have all your information (contact information, license information, communications) with us removed from our systems, please contact our Customer Support Service.

More information

You can find more details about privacy, security, and data safety in Privacy Policy.

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