The digital signature is corrupted error

How to fix this with Ablebits Diagnostic Tool

If before setting up the new version of Ultimate Suite for Excel you had an older version of it installed on your machine, you may get one of the following error messages:

  • Sorry, the digital signature of Ultimate Suite is corrupted. Please completely uninstall Ultimate Suite and then install it again.
  • Sorry, one of our dlls is misplaced and cannot be loaded. Please completely uninstall Ultimate Suite and then install it again.

The digital signature is corrupted.
Dlls misplaced error.

There are two possible reasons for the issue that require different solutions.

  • Antivirus reason
    Despite the fact that our certificates are trusted, sometimes due to some reasons some antiviruses may block Ablebits. In such cases, you may get one of these messages. Please go to Quarantine in your antivirus and restore all the Ablebits files you find there.

    More information: Windows protected your PC and other antivirus troubles

  • Old registry data reason
    Also, the cause of the issue may be that during uninstallation some registry data was not completely deleted. Please uninstall the current version of Ultimate Suite via Control Panel → Programs and Features and follow the guide: How to delete registry data

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