And why it is completely safe

How we handle remote sessions via TeamViewer

Sometimes to solve a task or fix an issue we need to connect to your machine via a remote assistance program - TeamViewer. Here you will find the information on how to download it, what data to send to us, and why you take no risk using it.

How to download & install TeamViewer

  1. Go to and download TeamViewer.
  2. Run the downloaded TeamViewer_Setup file.
  3. You will see the Setup window:
    Welcome to TeamViewer.
    Pick the ways to proceed and click Accept - finish.

What information to send us

When the installation is complete, you will see the TeamViewer window with your ID and password. Please send them to us so we could connect to your machine:
Your ID and password.

Note. Please don't close the program until we're connected and during the session.

How we handle issues on your PC

How to know we are connected

So, you have installed TeamViewer and confirmed the date and time of the remote session with us. Once we get your ID and session password, we connect to your PC. You will see the chat window in the bottom right corner of your screen:
The TeamViewer chat window.

We always ask if you are ok with us taking control over your PC. As soon as you confirm this, please do not move your mouse. You will see everything we do on the screen. You can take control back any time by simply moving your mouse.

Tip. Of course, feel free to use your mouse to make the chat window active and communicate with us during the session.

How to make sure the session is over

When the session is over and we no longer have access to your PC, the chat window will disappear and you will see the confirmation at the bottom of the TeamViewer window:
The session is finished.

TeamViewer and your safety

We can connect to your machine only if TeamViewer is open on your PC. You can take control over your computer and stop us from doing anything by simply starting to move your mouse. All TeamViewer versions use full encryption.

How to create a new password

We can establish a connection only if we know the session password. As soon as it changes, we won't be able to access your machine until you give us the newly generated password.

To change the password, hover with the mouse over the Password field. You will see a circle-arrow. Click the arrow and pick to Create new random password in the drop-down list:
Create new random password.

You can find more information about your security and data safety on the TeamViewer security page.

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