Create a new Auto BCC rule in Outlook

Create a new rule to always BCC yourself, or a distribution list

Automatic BCC in Outlook 2016 - 2007

Please see step-by-step instructions below to learn how to create a new auto BCC rule to "always BCC myself" or send a blind copy to a distribution list using the Auto BCC add-in for Outlook.

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How to automatically add BCC in Outlook: 2-minute video

How to create BCC rule in Outlook

  1. To create a new blind carbon copy rule, open the Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook window by clicking on its icon in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 or going to the main menu -> tools -> Auto BCC/CC in Outlook 2007.
  2. Click the New rule button on the top toolbar or double-click on the Rules List area and you will see the Rule settings dialog box.
    Click the New Rule button to create bcc rule in Outlook
  3. Type the name of the rule in the Rule name field, e.g. "Always BCC myself"
    Enter the Auto BCC rule name, e.g. 'Always BCC myself'
  4. Define the rule settings:

CC and/or BCC all outgoing emails in Outlook

  1. Create a new BCC rule and select the Apply the rule for all outgoing messages in all profiles radio button.
    Apply the rule to automatically BCC all outgoing messages in all Outlook profiles
  2. Type the email address(es) of the contact(s) to the CC or BCC field correspondingly. BCC distribution list or yourself using select recipients button
  3. You can search for an email address in your Outlook Address Book. Just click on the Select recipients button. Click on the Select recipients button туpе to the CC and BCC lines on teh add-in window.
  4. You will see the Select Names: Contacts window.
    Select or enter the recipients in this window
  5. You can enter your reserve email address to always BCC yourself. Or you can select the contact you need from the list and click either CC -> or BCC -> button to put the address into the corresponding field.
    Select CC recipients by typing their addresses in this field
    If your Outlook address book is empty, you can add CC or Blind Carbon Copy recipients manually by typing their e-mail addresses in the CC or BCC field correspondingly. If you want to BCC a distribution list, simply enter the list's name instead of an email address.

    To choose CC recipients, enter the necessary address in the CC field at the bottom of the Select Names: Contacts dialog box.
    Select CC recipients by typing their addresses in this field
    If you need to select Blind copy recipient, just enter their address in the BCC field. If your task is to BCC distribution list, you can simply enter the list name as a recipient.
    Enter BCC recipient address in this field
  6. Press the OK button.
Tip. You can also use the standard Outlook Search, Address book and Advanced find options to quickly find and select CC or BCC recipient e-mail address.

Create Auto BCC rule based on Outlook account, subject words or other conditions.

  1. Create a new BCC rule for Outlook and select the Apply the rule only if the message meets certain conditions radio button and it will enable the Conditions and Exceptions tab.
    Choose to apply the rule only if the message meets certain conditions
  2. Add CC/BCC addresses to the CC or BCC field correspondingly. Click this button to add recipients You can also click on the Select Recipients icon to choose the needed contacts from your Outlook Address Book.
Note. The Auto BCC add-in works in such a way that if a given e-mail address is in the To, CC or BCC field, the Blind Carbon Copy or CC rule for this address will not work. If you enter the same email address into these fields the recipient will get just one copy of the email.

Set Auto BCC conditions

You can create a rule using the following conditions:

  • Account is. Check this condition if you want to auto BCC based on Outlook account. Then click on the certain account link to see the Select account dialog box. Choose the e-mail account you need by checking it in the list and click Ok.
  • "Sent On Behalf Of" address contains. If you want to CC/BCC Outlook emails that you send on behalf of someone, tick "Sent on behalf of" address contains: and add such address or its part as a condition for the CC/BCC rule. When you click on the certain words link, you will see the Search text dialog box. Specify the address or its part that needs to be considered when you send a message on Behalf of someone in Outlook, click Add -> Ok.
  • Subject contains. If you need to automatically send BCC based on subject words, select the Subject contains:, enter the necessary key word in the Search text dialog box, click Add -> Ok.
  • Attachment name contains. If you need to send CC or Blind Carbon copy when a file with a particular name is attached, tick the Attachment name contains, type possible attachment names in the Specify a word or phrase to search for in the attachment name field, click Add -> Ok.
  • "To:" address contains. It is also possible to use the recipient's address as a condition to auto BCC rule. Just select "To:" address contains and click on the certain words link. Enter the recipient address or its part in the Specify a word or phrase… You can use your Outlook Address Book for a faster search.
  • If "CC:" address contains. Check "Cc:" address contains: to create a condition based on the CC recipient. Click the certain words link to define the address. Enter the CC address or its part in the Specify a word or phrase to search for in "Cc:" address field

You are free to combine the conditions according to your needs.

Note. All enabled CC/BCC rules are applied top-down for all outgoing Outlook emails. All messages are checked for duplicates and all duplicated addresses are cut down. You can see the details about the rule in the Rule description area in the Auto Bcc for Microsoft Outlook window.
Combine conditions to automatically BCC your emails

Set exceptions to the Blind Carbon Copy rule

The automatic BCC rule can be disabled when certain exceptions are met. To set the exceptions, go to the Exceptions tab on the Rule properties dialog box.

If Account is

If you want to stop sending CC or BCC copies when you send a message from a certain Outlook e-mail account, check Account is:. Then click on a small icon next to it to see the Select account dialog box. Choose the e-mail account you need by checking it in the list and click Ok.

All other listed exceptions are set up as easy as the options on the "Set conditions" tab:

  • If "Sent on behalf of" address contains
  • If subject contains
  • If attachment name contains
  • If "To:" address contains
  • If "Cc:" address contains
Set exceptions to the Blind Carbon Copy rule
Note. Please note that if any exception applies to the BCC rule, none of the conditions will be taken into consideration and the Blind Copy or CC address will not be inserted into your outgoing email in Outlook.

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