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XLOOKUP vs INDEX MATCH in Excel: which is better and faster?

One of the most common tasks in Excel is to look up values in a table based on some criteria. In the past, Excel users relied on the VLOOKUP function for this job. However, it had its fair share of limitations, leading savvy Excel enthusiasts to craft a more resilient solution using the INDEX MATCH combination. Continue reading

XLOOKUP vs VLOOKUP in Excel: differences and advantages

If you work with Excel, you probably know how useful the VLOOKUP function is. But did you know that there is a newer and more powerful function called XLOOKUP that can do even more? In this tutorial, we will compare these two functions and see how they differ in syntax, functionality and performance. Continue reading

Excel XLOOKUP with multiple criteria

In Excel, there's this awesome function called XLOOKUP, which makes it really easy to find specific values in your tables. And guess what? It doesn't just look for one thing, it can also search using different conditions, so you can get exactly what you need from your data. Continue reading

XLOOKUP function in Excel with formula examples

The tutorial introduces XLOOKUP - the new function for vertical and horizontal lookup in Excel. Left lookup, last match, Vlookup with multiple criteria and a lot more things that used to require a rocket science degree to accomplish have now become as easy as ABC. Continue reading