Random Generator for Google Sheets

Create almost any type of random data in your sheet

Add this sidebar add-on to your Google Sheets and select from 5 types of random data to fill the selected range. This add-on is an excellent tool for creating strong passwords, generating random numbers, and populating the cells with dates within a certain time period.

  • Fill the selected сells with unique random numbers or dates
  • Get random strings of any length and character set
  • Select the range, choose data type and click Generate

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Use this add-on to create strong passwords

Create hundreds of strong passwords in seconds

Use this add-on to create strong passwords

Flexible settings let you generate strings of any pattern. You can choose from a set of standard characters or enter custom symbols, define the length for the created values or add your own mask for new values.

Click once to fill the entire range with passwords that meet all your requirements.

Get random records within a certain range

Fill your table with random dates within a certain time period

Your task can be as simple as assigning duty dates or raffle numbers; this add-on will help you be unbiased. You can specify a date range and even exclude weekends or workdays from the generated dates.

Choose between unique random integers or real numbers and populate the selected range with unique values. Finally, get boolean yes/no or true/false in the needed cells in seconds.


Add Random Generator sidebar to your Google Sheets
Use this add-on to create strong passwords
Fill your table with random dates within a certain time period
Generate unique random numbers for your sheet

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