Merge Values for Google Sheets

Concatenate data from multiple columns, rows, or cells in your sheet

This add-on will let you quickly join values in each row, combine multiple columns in Google Sheets into one column, or merge cells in the selected range without losing your data. Unlike the standard option, it allows you to keep your table structure intact or insert the cells with the results into your sheet.

  • Join text from multiple columns: merge values horizontally
  • Bring values from several rows into one: merge data vertically
  • Combine the necessary cells of data together: concatenate records from the selected range into one
  • Use any delimiter to separate the merged entries

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Combine multiple columns in Google Sheets into one

Merge cells without losing data

Join values vertically, use any delimiter for the results

Merge Values add-on shows its best when you want to bring text parts together. If you have names or addresses in different cells, joining two columns into one will take seconds. Avoid losing any information and save time on entering endless formulas.

There are three simple settings: the add-on can combine columns, rows, or ranges of data, separate the values with the delimiter you pick, even a line break, and place the merged data to the selected cells.

Use additional options for flexible results

Merge the selected cells without losing data

The add-on offers 6 extra options that help you get the record exactly the way you need it:

  • Get results in a new row or column, or add them to the selected cells
  • Keep or remove the source values
  • Merge the cells yet keep all your data; you'll still be able to apply the standard unmerge
  • Ignore any blank cells you have in the range
  • Wrap text in the resulting cells
  • Get a backup copy of the original data


Join text from multiple columns
Pick delimiter and destination cells when joining two columns into one
Keep all values when merging data from several cells
Replace rows of data with the merged values
Join cells and values in a click
Combine cells of data without losing a single value
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