Webinar 3: Sharing templates in team

In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

00:04 Introduction
00:32 Webinar goals
00:51 What is a team?
00:55 How to create a team
01:48 How to create team properties
02:44 Adding a template to a team
03:32 Share a template – invite team members
04:52 How to join a team if you’re invited
06:05 Manage access to shared templates
06:41 Closing a team
07:24 Wrap-up

Webinar transcript


Hello! Welcome to the third Shared Email Templates webinar. We will talk about template sharing. I believe this will take no more than 10 minutes. As usual, you are welcome to post your questions or concerns to the comments section. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be in touch with us!

Today, we will learn what a team is, how to use it for template sharing, how to send and accept an invitation, how to manage access to templates. Also, we will close a team.

So, what is a team? In Shared Email Templates, it is a way to share templates with other users of the app. You create a team if you want to have not only private templates for your own use but also shared ones to work together with your colleagues. Using a team, you can share your templates, shortcuts, datasets, and customized team properties.

Create team and add template

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of using teams in Shared Email Templates. Imagine, we’ve started a travel agency. We need to prepare some email templates and share them with our agents.

First of all, we create a team. For this, right-click the My Templates folder and select New Team right here. Here we name a team – 'Bora Bora 2021' – and can add a short description if needed – 'Templates for Bora Bora 2021 travel agents'.

You can optionally set a Team Password. Please find more information about template encryption in our Privacy policy which I will link down below. Please note, once created, the Password cannot be changed in the future. As soon as you’re done, click Save.

On the spot, we will add a couple of team properties. Properties is a great way to customize your templates, and I was showing how to use them in the previous, the second webinar! So, we stand on our team in the tree and click the Edit Properties icon. Here, you can see the predefined team properties. To create custom ones, click the Add Property button.

Enter the property name and value. In the same way, let’s create the second property. The team is created, and now it’s time to add a template to this team. I select the team and click the New button.

I name my template and paste the text. In two places, I will add our properties with the help of the corresponding TeamProperties macro. I talked about macros in more detail in the second webinar. So, I pick the macro and select the property I need.

I save the template, insert it, and it works. It's high time to share it!

Send invitation and join team

We pick the 'Bora Bora 2021' team, it’s name is in bold and marked with a small team icon. Here is the Manage Team option. We click on it and see the list of all team members. At the moment, I’m here alone.

To add colleagues, with whom you’re going to share your templates, you click the Invite Member right here, enter the email address of a colleague, and hit the Add button. Repeat this as many times as needed.

If you’ve got to add many teammates and do not want to enter their emails manually, you can import a list of them by clicking this icon. I’ll post the documentation page with detailed instructions about it to the video description.

So, we check the list of teammates-to-be, tick the permissions we are giving them, remove, if added anyone by mistake. When the list is ready, we click Send Invite. The invitations are sent to the prospective members of our team. As soon as your colleague accepts the invitation, she or he will appear in the Members section. All who were invited but did not accept the invitation will remain in the Invited section.

Now, to show you how to accept an invitation to a team, we’ll go to the inbox of one of the invited agents. Here is our Shared Email Templates invitation letter.

If you are invited to a team, but still have not set up Shared Email Templates, click on this link and follow the instructions. So, we click the Join the team button. The web app will start on a new tab in your browser, but you can get back to your Outlook, click New message and run it there.

Thus, we’ve got access to the 'Bora Bora 2021' team we were invited to. In the team, we can see the template that was just created. I can create more templates, and they all will be available to other members. Or I can right-click a template or shortcut and use the Copy or Move options to add my personal templates to the team. So, now there are three items in a team, and I can switch back to my account to show you that I have access to the templates I just moved to a team from another account.

Manage access and close team

If you are a team creator {or have the Admin permissions}, you can manage access to shared templates. For this, we go to the Manage Team section. When you invite people to your team, you can give them Editor or Admin permissions and change them later if you want.

But what if one of the team members no longer works for you and you want to remove him or her from the team? For this, you hover over the name of a member you want to remove and click the trash can icon. That’s it!

So, we’ve done a great job, the Bora Bora 2021 season closes, and we no longer need our templates. We are going to close the team. Please note, that after the team closure there will be no opportunity to restore any data, so we strongly recommend that you carefully examine all the templates, shortcuts, datasets of your team and if any of them needed, move them to your private My Templates folder.

To close a team, simply select it and click on this red phrase in the preview pane. Confirm by entering a team name, and – done!


Friends, that’s it for this webinar. We’ve come full circle of template sharing: created a team, added templates to it, invited members, from a side of an invited colleague, we accepted the invitation, managed access to shared templates, and – closed our team. On the next webinars, we will learn how to attach files and insert images, bring values from datasets to templates, connect Outlook folders to Shared Email Templates, and more!

Excellent, I hope this was useful! If so, please like this video and subscribe to our channel to get the freshest updates! Thank you all once again, enjoy your winter holidays, and I’ll see you very soon – in 2021!

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