Auto BCC for Outlook desktop

How to install and uninstall

How to install Auto BCC

Before you start

  • Close all the Microsoft Outlook windows.
  • Download the latest version of Auto BCC from the Downloads page.
  • Unzip the folder with the add-in files.
  • Close all the windows that might have appeared because of unzipping the folder, for example from WinRAR or WinZip.
  • Double-click the setup.exe file.
    Run the setup.exe file.

Follow the Setup Wizard instructions

  1. In the Ablebits Auto BCC Setup Wizard window, select Next.
    Welcome to Setup Wizard.
  2. Read the End-User License Agreement, confirm that you agree with the terms by selecting I Agree, and then select Next.
    End-User License Agreement
  3. You can choose where to install the add-in. You can either use the default folder or select another one. If you're installing the add-in for yourself, keep the Just me checkbox selected. If you're installing the add-in for all the users of the computer, select the Everyone checkbox instead. When you're done, select Next.

    Note. The add-in should be activated for each licensed user separately.

    A default installation folder

  4. The add-in is ready to be installed.

    Note. To avoid false positive detection by your antivirus, make sure that the Add the Ablebits certificates to Trusted Publishers checkbox is selected.

    Note. If you want to help us make the add-in better, you can select the I consent to sharing anonymous usage statistics checkbox.

    Select Next.
    The add-in is ready to be installed.

  5. When the installation is complete, select Close.
    The installation process is over.

If the add-in has been successfully installed, the Ablebits tab will appear on the Outlook ribbon.
The Ablebits tab on the Outlook ribbon

How to uninstall Auto BCC

  1. Close all the Microsoft Outlook windows.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  3. On the list of installed programs, double-click Ablebits Auto BCC for Microsoft Outlook.
  4. In the Programs and Features dialog, select Yes.
    Uninstalling the Auto BCC add-in

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