How to Add Text in Excel

With Text Toolkit for Microsoft Excel

With the Text Toolkit for Excel, you can easily append text to the selected cells in your worksheet. In this manual, find out how to use the Add Text utility.

  1. To run the tool in Excel, go to the Home tab and click the Text Toolkit icon:
    Click Text Toolkit.
  2. Select Add Text:

    Select Add Text.

  3. You will see the Add Text pane. Select your options and click the Add Text button:

    The Add Text pane.

  1. Select the range of cells where you want to append text.
  2. Enter the text that you want to add to your cells.
  3. If you want to add text to the beginning or end of your cells, select one of these options.
  4. Besides, you can get text inserted after a certain number of characters from the beginning or from the end of your cells. Pick the After a few characters option, enter the number of characters and choose "from the beginning" or "from the end" in the drop-down list:
    Add text after a certain number of characters.
  5. Also, you can append characters before or after certain text that you have to enter into the input field. Pay attention that you can select the Case-sensitive option.
  6. The Case-sensitive option is available if you pick the Before text or After text radio button. If you select Case-sensitive, the tool will distinguish the case of text you entered from text in your cells. For instance, with selected Case-sensitive, "TExt" and "text" will be recognized as different values, though with unchecked Case-sensitive, they will be identified as the same values.
  7. Select to Skip empty cells if you have blanks in your data table.
  8. Tick the Process only text cells radio button to leave cells with numerical data intact.
  9. If you tick the Enable Undo box, the Undo button will appear:
    Tick Enable Undo to be able to Undo.
    As soon as you hit Add Text, the Undo button will become clickable and you'll be able to undo the changes made by the add-in:
    Undo the changes.