Highlight duplicate rows in Excel

The Highlight option of the Duplicate Remover tool is helpful if your dataset contains duplicates, you need to find them, but also you need to preserve your data in its original layout, so it's impossible to delete duplicates.

In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to highlight matches and duplicate rows. No formulas, no conditional formatting, only one handy add-in and a few seconds.

By the way, Duplicate Remover can also identify duplicate rows in a status column.

How to highlight duplicate values

Highlight duplicate rows in Excel.

  1. Click Duplicate Remover on the Ablebits Data tab.
  2. Select the search range.
  3. Choose Duplicates.
  4. To select all the columns in one click, check the box near the Columns word.
  5. Pick the Highlight with color option, choose the hue of interest, and hit Finish.

Video: How to color duplicate lines in Excel

Video transcript

In this video, I will show how to highlight duplicate rows in your Excel table using Ablebits Duplicate Remover Wizard.

Our table has three columns, some data here is repeated, some is not. The task is to find and highlight duplicate rows.

On the Ablebits Data tab, let's click the Duplicate Remover icon. The tool will select your table. If you want to change the range, simply select it right here - the range will be corrected automatically.

Please have a look at this box. If it is checked, you'll get a safe backup copy created. The thing is that you won't be able to undo changes made by the add-in, so we always recommend keeping this box checked.

Now let's select the type of data we are looking for. You can search for duplicates, duplicates and first occurrences, uniques, or both uniques and first occurrences of duplicates.
For our task, we pick the first option - Duplicates.

The wizard asks to select the columns to search for duplicates. As we want to highlight the repeated rows only, we pick all the three columns - your table may have more, of course. The utility will color the row only if it finds duplicate values in all the columns.

By the way, this box is ticked since our table has one header row. If your table has more than one, you can enter the needed number here.

I click the Next button.

And now let's choose the action - I tick Highlight values, select the color, and hit Finish.

The wizard has highlighted all the repeated rows in my table.

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