AblebitsMaxByColor function

The AblebitsMaxByColor function returns the largest value in cells with the specified in the argument background color.

For example:

  • =AblebitsMaxByColor(C3:I9,N22) Returns the largest value in a range of cells C3:I9 that have the same background color as the N22 cell.
  • =AblebitsMaxByColor(C3:I9,255) Returns the largest value in a range of cells C3:I9 that have the background color of 255 color code.
Note. Formulas created with this function will work only on machines with installed Ultimate Suite for Excel. If the workbook is opened on another computer where Ultimate Suite is not installed, the result will be lost.
Tip. You can find the complete list of custom functions on the Ablebits functions for Excel page.



The AblebitsMaxByColor function syntax has the following arguments:

  • range
    Required. The range of cells where you want to find the largest value, e.g. B2:B8.
  • color
    Required. The background color of cells to search for the largest value. Can be a reference to one cell like B6 or color code like 255.
Note. If the first argument contains no numbers, AblebitsMaxByColor returns 0 (zero).


  • The AblebitsMaxByColor function is used by the Count and Sum by Color add-in when you check the Insert result as formula box before pasting the result.
  • If you want to get the color code of the background color of a cell, you can use the AblebitsGetCellColor function.
  • Multiple ranges are not supported.
  • The function does not work for conditionally formatted cells and for ranges formatted as tables with colored alternate rows or columns.