Select duplicates and unique values in Excel

Your Excel worksheet may contain duplicates, but it doesn't mean that they all should be removed straight away. Sometimes it is important to find duplicate values and get them selected to perform further actions. The Duplicate Remover tool, despite its name, can not only remove and not only duplicates. The utility will come in handy if your task is to find and select duplicate entries or even the unique ones.

In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to find duplicates or uniques and get them selected right away.

How to find duplicates in Excel

Select duplicates in Excel.

  1. To run the tool, find the Ablebits Data tab and click Duplicate Remover.
  2. Select the range where you are going to search for duplicates.
  3. Choose the type of data you want to find: Duplicates.
  4. Check the columns where the tool should perform the search.
  5. Tick Select values and click Finish.

Video: Search for duplicates by key columns

Video transcript

In this tutorial, I will show how to find and select duplicate lines with the help of the Ablebits Duplicate Remover add-in.

I go to the Ablebits Data tab, find the Duplicate Remover icon and click the down arrow below.

I choose the Duplicates Only option. This is the short way that saves our time and brings us to the third step of the wizard. The tool selects the table automatically, but we can change the range right in the sheet.

I leave this box checked since my table has 1 header row. If you have more header rows, feel free to click on the 1 header row phrase and enter the needed number.

Now let's select the columns that contain duplicates. As I want to find the repeated rows only, I check all the three columns - you may have more, of course. The utility will select the row only if it finds duplicate values in all the columns. I click the Next button.

On the final step, we simply pick the Select values option and click Finish.

All the repeated lines in my table have been selected by Duplicate Remover Wizard.

How to find unique values in Excel

Find and select uniques in Excel.

  1. Click the Duplicate Remover icon on the Ablebits Data tab.
  2. Select the table.
  3. Choose what you want to find: Uniques.
  4. Tick all the columns to find and select the unique rows. Use the checkbox near the Columns word to get all the columns checked in one click.
  5. Pick the Select values option and hit the Finish button.

Video: Select unique entries in Excel

Video transcript

In this video tutorial, I will show how to find and select unique rows. The Duplicate Remover tool, despite its name, can do a lot more than simply remove, and can search for not only duplicate values but uniques as well.

Let's go to the Ablebits Data tad. Here are the Dedupe group and the Duplicate Remover icon. I click the down arrow below the icon.

Here we can select the type of data we are looking for. Now we pick the Uniques Only option.

By the way, I can correct the search range right in the sheet.

My table has a header row, so I leave this box ticked. You can enter the number of header rows here.

I need to find all the unique rows, it means that these rows should not have duplicates in the table. Values in each column are important and must be reviewed. Thus, on this step, I check all the columns to search for unique values and click Next.

On the final step, I tick the Select values option and hit the Finish button.

All the unique rows have been selected by Duplicate Remover wizard.

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