How to copy cell address in Excel

With this utility, you can copy cell or range address to clipboard and paste it as a regular, external and/or absolute reference.

How to copy cell address

  1. Select a single cell or a range of cells; use Ctrl to select several non-adjacent cells:
    Select the needed cell range.
  2. Click the Copy Address icon in the Utilities group on the Ablebits Tools tab:
    Copy address as a reference.
    The range reference is copied and can be pasted into any cell of your choice:
    Paste the copied cell or range reference in Excel.
  3. If you want to copy the address with its external and/or absolute reference, under Copy Address, select the option you need in the dropdown list:
    How to copy cell address as external or absolute reference.

    • To refer to the cell content from another workbook, select As External Reference in the list and paste the result to the needed place:
      Paste a range address as external reference.
    • If you want a reference to stay fixed on a specific cell or range, copy the absolute reference address to clipboard by picking the As Absolute Reference option:
      Paste a range address as absolute reference.
    • Choose to copy the range address As External and Absolute Reference to refer to specific cells and include Excel file and sheet names:
      Paste a cell or range address as absolute external reference.