Cell Cleaner for Microsoft Excel

How to remove extra spaces in excel 2010, 2013-2003

Remove remove trailing and leading spaces from Excel cells

If extra spaces in Excel don't let process your data correctly, you can use a quick and simple way - the Cell Cleaner add-in. It will remove leading and trailing spaces or get rid of excess blanks between words. On this page you will find how to remove spaces in Excel 2013-2003.

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Please follow theses steps to remove extra spaces in your Excel worksheets.

  1. Click on the arrows of the Trim spaces section to open it in the Cell Cleaner pane. Click on the arrows to expand the Trim spaces section
  2. In your Microsoft Excel worksheet, select the range where you want to remove extra spaces.
  3. Select the option or a combination of options that suits you best:
    • If you choose the Trim leading/trailing spaces option, then the spaces before and after cell values will be deleted.
      Use this option to delete leading and trailing spaces
    • By ticking Trim spaces between words to1, you remove spaces between words within a cell. Remove excess spaces between words
    • The Trim " " option means that non-breaking spaces that look like   in your worksheet will be deleted from the selected range.
      Use this option to nonbreaking spaces
  4. Click the Run button to see that all extra spaces are removed.

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