Fill Blank Cells for Microsoft Excel

How to easily fill empty cells in Excel

Filling blanks in Excel by the values above or below

Fill Blank Cells for Excel will copy the contents downwards or upwards from the first populated cell. In addition, you can specify if your table has headers or choose to split the merged cells. This handy tool will make the filling routine a breeze!

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Follow these steps to fill blank ranges in your table.

  1. Select a range in your table where you need to replicate cell values.


    If you click on any cell in your table and run the program, it will select the entire table automatically.

  2. Run the add-in by clicking on its icon The Fill Blank Cells icon in Microsoft Excel and you will see the Fill Blank Cells window with the list of your columns.
  3. Select the columns where you need to fill blanks by checking the boxes next to them. The columns you select are automatically highlighted in your table. See the list of columns on the add-in window
    If you have a lot of columns in your spreadsheet, you can benefit from the Select All and Unselect All buttons to instantly choose the needed columns.
    Use 'Select All' and 'Unselect All' buttons to instantly choose the columns
  4. It is also possible to indicate if there are header rows in your table. As a rule, the add-in identifies headers automatically. If it didn't, you can check the Table has headers option. You can also uncheck this option if you don't want header rows to be indicated. Indicate if there are header rows in your table
  5. Select the Fill cells downwards radio button if you need to fill the blanks using the value from the cell above the range with empty cells. Fill the blank range using the value of the cell above
  6. If you want to fill gaps with the value of the cell below, select the Fill cells upwards radio button. Fill gaps with the value of the cell below
  7. If there are merged cells in your table, you can unmerge them by ticking the Split the merged cells on the add-in window. Unmerge cells and fill them with the same value See the list of columns on the Fill Blank Cells window
  8. Click Run to see the results.

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