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If you send similar Outlook emails every day, the Template Phrases add-in will be your reliable mailing assistant. If you work in a team, you may want to share your Outlook templates collection with your colleagues to make sure that all replies are up-to-date, competent and proofread. On this page, you'll find how to make your templates in Outlook company wide.

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Create company-wide templates

You can create shared templates that you can use and improve together with your colleagues straight in Outlook. Company wide templates are stored on a shared network drive so that other people can add this folder to their template tree and use it along with their own texts. This feature is great for sales or support teams.

Note. Before exporting and importing the Shared templates folder, please make sure that all users of companywide templates have the same version of the program. You can check it if you click on the About icon on the add-in pane. Click on the About icon to check the version
  1. Create a folder with the Outlook templates you want to share.
  2. Select the folder, right-click on it and select the Export the selected folder option. Share your Outlook templates with the  option to export folder You can also right-click on the folder in the template list and select the option to Export the selected folder there.
  3. Save the .DATA file to any location accessible by all users who need to work with the shared templates.

Work with shared Outlook templates

Follow these steps when your Outlook templates are on the shared network drive.

  1. Click on the Plus icon and select the Add shared templates option from the menu. Choose the option to Add shared templates
  2. Browse for the file with shared templates, select it and click OK. You will see the folder with shared templates at the end of your template tree. Any changes you make to these templates will be available to all users.

If you store the shared templates folder on Dropbox or OneDrive, for the other users to see the changes, they need to make sure the folder is synced up to their local disc and reopen the Template Phrases pane.

Note. It's possible to add more than one shared folder.

Protect company-wide templates from changing in Outlook

When you share Outlook templates, it can be a good idea to protect them from any changes, accidental or not. By default, you can edit Shared Templates the same way you edit your own. If you want to keep templates stored on shared network drive, please set the read-only attribute for the file:

  • Right-click the file with shared templates in Windows Explorer and select Properties.
  • You'll see the Read-only checkbox at the bottom of the window, select it and click OK.

You can also set Permission level to Read only for the folder that contains the file.

Once you do this, your file with the shared templates will become read-only.

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