Protect Auto BCC rules in Outlook 2016 - 2007

How to use the administration tool to hide auto BCC rules

Hide Outlook Auto BCC

You can use Auto BCC/CC add-in for Outlook to get Blind Carbon Copy emails of your employees. On this page you will learn how to protect or hide the automatic bcc rules you create.

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Make your Outlook Auto BCC rules secure

Administration tool is a free utility you get with Auto BCC/CC for Outlook. This tool allows you to:

  • Protect Auto BCC rules by password from changing;
  • Hide the Auto BCC menu item from the Outlook menu in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or the add-in icon from the ribbon in Outlook 2010-2016, so that the employees cannot see or change the email bcc rules set by you.
  1. To access the Administration tool, go to: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Add-in Express\Auto BCC for Microsoft Outlook and run the AdminAutoBCC application.

    Note. If you use Add-ins Collection for Outlook, you will find the Administration tool in: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Add-in Express\Add-ins Collection for Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click on the Administration app icon and you will see the Enter password dialog box. Type the default password, which is the word password (lower case letters). Click OK. Enter password to open Auto BCC for Outlook administration tool
  3. You will get the Auto BCC for Outlook Administration tool settings dialog box.
    Hide or lock automatic BCC rule in Outlook
  4. If you need to remove access to the add-in from Outlook, uncheck the Display in Outlook option. It will hide the Auto BCC menu item (in Microsoft Outlook 2007) or the Rules icon (in Outlook 2016 - 2010) so that hidden copies of outgoing emails will be sent automatically.

    You can leave the add-in visible in Outlook but stop the employee from introducing any changes to the automatic bcc rules by ticking the Lock in Outlook checkbox.
  5. You can also change the password. To do it, enter a new password in the New password field, then reenter it in the Confirm password field and press OK to save changes.

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