Power Tools for Google Sheets – V1.17. What's new?

This major upgrade carries a few greatly anticipated features and a couple of improvements.

Tip. Install the latest version of Power Tools from the Google Sheets store and watch your productivity soar like a seagull on a coastal summer breeze :)

NEW: Compare multiple sheets for duplicates

Remember Compare Columns or Sheets add-on? It compared just two sheets at a time. Well, we enhanced it and now it compares multiple sheets in one go! ;) Compare data from multiple Google sheets using the add-on.

As you can see from this scheme, you will also be able to handle the found dupes (or uniques), e.g. color them or remove, in all sheets & not just the main one like it used to.

We've already updated the tutorial for the tool, so feel free to look through so you don't miss anything out.

NEW: Compare two columns on a sheet

Another legacy of the old Compare Columns or Sheets add-on.

Comparing columns from multiple Google sheets is half the job. But comparing two columns within the same Google sheet has proved to be just as important. That's why we singled out this little helper. Compare two columns in Google Sheets.

Here I'll only tell you that it's a one-step quickie now. So no need to go over the steps to compare just two columns on one Google sheet. All options in just one step.

Check out this tutorial to learn what it has to offer.

NEW: Add, remove, extract, replace multiple text substrings at once

We haven't left our text tools behind. These new features have been brewed and polished for months till they're finally ready to meet you.

Substring Batch Toolkit will let you handle multiple substrings at a time. There are 4 tools for different actions:

NEW: Delete empty cells & shift data up/left

Power Tools already offers several ways to deal with blanks in your tables. It deletes empty & unused rows & columns, fills blank cells with the values from neighboring cells or with your custom ones.

But this new feature introduces yet another way. It removes those single empty cells from your tables while shifting the other data left or right: it's up to you. Delete blank cells & shift data left and/or up.

You will find the tool as 2 simple checkboxes in the Clear group: Remove empty cells settings in Power Tools.

IMPROVED: Copy the sheet(s) to multiple existing files in a go

As you may know, our Sheets Manager can copy & move multiple sheets to any other spreadsheet in your Drive: Copy sheets to existing spreadsheets.

We've improved it just a bit so you could copy those selected tabs to multiple different files at once :)

When you see the window where you are to select the spreadsheet, press and hold Ctrl (for non-adjacent) or Shift (for adjacent) on your keyboard to select multiple files: Select spreadsheets to copy these worksheets into.

Sort by color & skip empty cells

A new checkbox lets you not just sort all cells in the range by color, but only those with values: Skip empty cells setting.

It may seem like a small option but it makes a difference: Sort by colors in the Profit column and get different results depending on whether you skip blanks.

IMPROVED: Generate only unique strings

Another small but mighty option was added to the String group of Random Generator: unique values. Make sure to tick it off if you'd rather avoid duplicates generated for your data set: Generate only unique values in the Strings group.

Video: Intro to Power Tools

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