Video: how to merge 2 Google sheets

This video tutorial explains how to keep your Google Sheets tables up-to-date with the Merge Sheets add-on. The tool will scan two tables for matches and do a quick vlookup. It will update old records, add missing info, and pull new rows and columns to your main table.

How to merge two Google sheets: video transcript

Whenever you need to join records from two different sheets and keep data integrity, this will be an indispensable tool for you:

  • it will find matches
  • replace old records
  • add new columns
  • and append new rows while giving you control over every step.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Here I have some shipping details that I want to add to the corresponding orders in a different sheet.

I’ll find Merge Sheets in the Add-ons menu. If you have Power Tools, you’ll see it in the Merge & Combine group. Click Start.

Select sheets and columns to add or update

Once the tool is running, it will pick the current sheet as the one to update.

I click Next to select the lookup table with the shipping details.

Then I will specify the columns that will help the add-on find the same records in both sheets.

I can use a combination of columns to make the search more precise. So if I want to find the same order IDs and addresses, I’ll tick off both columns and make sure I pick their equivalents in the lookup table.

Once you are ready with the key columns to compare, you will see the list of all remaining columns in your lookup sheet, so you can choose to add them to your main table, or use them to update an existing column.

Choose additional options

Now, the last window lets us achieve the best possible results by using 4 groups of additional options:

  • I’ve chosen what to do with the columns, but what if I have new order IDs in the lookup sheet? I can choose the first option to add them to my list of orders.
  • The second option will show if a row is matching, updated, or new.
  • This checkbox is great if you want to fill in the blanks in the column you’re updating.
  • If, on the other hand, the lookup sheet has blanks that you don’t want to bring over to the main sheet, select this option.
  • If you color-code the cells, you can use this checkbox to prepare the column you’re updating and strip it of color.
  • And use this option to highlight the changes.
  • Last but not least, I can update my original table, or merge my sheets into a new, third table.

I’ll go ahead and click Finish, and at the end see the summary of what has been changed.

Save scenario

If you regularly merge the same sheets, you get a very convenient possibility to save the steps as a scenario: give it a name, see an overview of the steps you’re saving, and you can re-run it any time in a click.

You can get this huge time-saver in the add-ons store on its own or as part of Power Tools, and if you have any questions, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

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