Hotfix for Windows 10 update 1903: Excel and Outlook add-ins

Recently we have received a few reports about problems with our task pane-based add-ins, such as Template Phrases for Outlook or Add Text for Excel. We investigated the problem and found out that Microsoft has prepared us and our users a surprise in the 1903 Windows release.


A user cannot enter anything into any edit boxes on task pane.


Our developers found a workaround and created new versions of add-ins that fix this issue.

How to get the updated add-ins

Go to our Download page to get the newest versions.

What's next

The fact is that Microsoft publishes Office updates monthly. We suppose that the quality of these updates will become worse. So, it looks like we'll have to update our add-ins monthly too. Sorry :(

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3 responses to "Hotfix for Windows 10 update 1903: Excel and Outlook add-ins"

  1. Shelly Cronin says:

    I'm having trouble with the compare tables option since the update even with the new download mentioned above. It keeps stalling my Excel so that I have to force exit the program.

  2. JAW says:

    After Win 10 1903 updated on 7/10/19, I had issues with the digitally signed macros in Excel and Outlook not running on startup. It was resolved by repairing Microsoft Office Profession 2007 (Programs and Features, Microsoft Office Professional 2007, right click, click Change, select Repair, Continue). This was tried because ALL the security and updates for Microsoft Office Professional 2007 had the install date of 7/10/19 (to see; Windows Settings, Update and Security, View Update History, Uninstall update).

  3. Jim Fletcher says:

    We are unable to enter text in the box for characters to remove in Text Toolkit.
    We uninstalled the old version and installed the latest version available, dated 1/9/2019.
    Do you have a timeline on an update for Text Toolkit to resolve this issue?
    Thanks in advance for your help, and I completely understand about the updates. We are having issues across the board thanks to the latest updates.

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