The final Ultimate Suite for Excel 2018.5 is out

I am happy to announce that our 2018.5.1952 Ultimate Suite for Excel is published! This is the final release of the 2018 generation.

The release was created for the latest updates of Office 2013, 2016, 2019, and Windows 10. It contains numerous fixes and improvements, besides, the Compare Two Sheets and Compare Multiple Sheets tools are no longer in beta state. We strongly recommend installing the 2018.5.1952 version, especially if your Office and Windows are updated automatically.

Known issues

Excel disables Ultimate Suite

Excel 2013 and 2016 in some configurations may disable Ultimate Suite. The root of the problem is the Solver add-in, so please disable it to work with Ultimate Suite.

Ultimate Suite doesn't show up in Office installed from Microsoft Store

In the Office version that Microsoft deploys through Microsoft Store, each application including Excel is running in its own sandboxes that have their own state, registry and file system. All changes in the system registry and file system are synced in one direction, toward itself into the sandbox. From time to time something breaks in this synchronization, whereupon no add-ins are installed normally. The solution is to load Ultimate Suite manually.

The Preview Pane issue

The Preview pane in Windows Explorer is a headache for a lot of Excel users, but most of them don't even know about it. Excel may just quietly crash or warn that some workbooks are already open in another application, or work slowly, or refuse to run any add-ins. There is plenty of discussion on the Web about the troubles this pane causes starting from Office 2007. A bunch of bug reports has been sent to Microsoft, but the problem has not been solved. We recommend turning the Preview Pane off to avoid unpleasant surprises it may bring you.

.NET Framework

Sometimes the Ultimate Suite buttons in Excel do not work, you click on them and nothing happens. We have found the reason in the broken .NET Framework on our users' PCs. Repair your .NET Framework.

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2 responses to "The final Ultimate Suite for Excel 2018.5 is out"

  1. Kate says:

    Please oh please find a way to simplify installing updates like this. A download that requires the user to read a 59-page "Deployment Guide" and requires a manual uninstall of the old program seems like a very ancient and impractical way of doing a system update.

    • Hi Kate,

      Thank you for your feedback. In the setup package, we mistakenly included the Deployment guide, which is purposed for administrators in the first place :) The previous versions of the Ultimate Suite had the auto-update option. But unfortunately, we had to disable it because our updates conflicted with Office and Windows updates. We could prevent this issue if we were able to detect the exact moment when Excel is updating, but regrettably neither Windows nor Office provides this capability.

      So, to update your Ultimate Suite to the latest version, simply uninstall the version you currently have installed and run the new setup.exe. To have it done, there is no need to read that long pdf :)

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