Ultimate Suite 2018.3 is released!

I am glad to let you know that we have finally released Ultimate Suite 2018.3. Below you will find a list of the essential changes and improvements. However, I will begin with how you can download it. Simply by using the below link :)

Download Ultimate Suite for Excel 2018.3

General improvements

  • The latest updates of Excel 2007 - 2016 and Windows 7 - 10 are completely supported including Excel 2016 (update 1804).
  • Improved stability, no impact on Excel performance when you don't use our add-ins.
  • Unified Select Range experience with the Auto-Expand. Now, in all the add-ins, the same Select Range edit box is used.

New tools

  • Compare Sheets: This tool simplifies visual comparing and merging sheets. You can get more details here.
  • Date Picker: Now it combines a calendar and date calculator in one pop-up window. You can use it for in-place date calculations and insert the result into the selected cell.
  • Find Similar Cells: One-click way to select the cells similar to the currently selected one.

Improved features


Overall, we have fixed 358 bugs and minor issues, have done 196 small improvements and implemented 21 new features.

Summary: new features, improvements, fixed bugs

Tool New Improved Fixed
Add Text     2
Calculate   1  
Change Case 1 1 2
Column Manager   4 4
Combine Sheets   1 3
Comments Manager 1 13 3
Compare Sheets 1 20 76
Compare Tables     2
Consolidate Sheets      
Convert Formulas      
Convert Text   1  
Copy Address      
Copy Sheets   2 3
Count Characters   2 2
Count Words      
Create Cards     2
Date and Time Formula Wizard 1 5 18
Date Picker and Calculator 1 7 9
Delete Blanks      
Duplicate Remover     1
Extract Text   1 6
Fill Blank Cells   2 13
Find and Replace 1 1 11
Find Broken Links 1 8 13
Find Similar Cells 1 5 12
Find Typos   1 7
Flip     3
Insert Pictures      
Merge Cells   1 13
Merge Duplicates 1 3 4
Merge Two Tables 1 5 7
Quick Dedupe   1  
Random Generator   6 4
Remove Characters 1 3 6
Select by Value      
Select Randomly      
Select Special Cells      
Select with the Same Value/Font/Color     5
Split Names   4 2
Split Table   1 6
Split Text 1 6 8
Sum by All Colors 1 9 10
Sum by One Color 1 20 19
Swap     1
Sync Selection      
Table of Content     1
Transpose     1
Trim Spaces 1 2 2
Unpivot Table     1
VLOOKUP Wizard   7 7
Watermarks 1 8 6
Workbooks Manger 1 8 6
Core Features 4 37 57
TOTAL 21 196 358

2 Responses to "Ultimate Suite 2018.3 is released!"

  1. Josiah Thomas says:

    Im on Office 365 32bit Version 18076 (Build 16.0.10211.20004) and the 2 tabs show up in excel but are blank/empty. Adding the tools to the quick access toolbar makes them show up and they work, but the ribbon tabs are blank/empty.

  2. Hi Josiah Thomas,

    Thank you for contacting us with this issue.

    This version is an Office Insider build. All Insider builds are initially beta versions. We do not support Office beta versions until they become official releases. Now we synchronize all our updates with the Monthly Office update channel and we hope Microsoft Office guys will fix this annoying bug : )

    Nevertheless, we monitor all Insider builds to provide complete support for upcoming Office releases. Check your e-mail, I sent you the link to our internal build that contains a workaround.

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60+ professional tools for Excel
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