Video: How to remove duplicates in Google Sheets

See how you can quickly check your data for duplicates in Google Sheets and compare two columns or even tables for duplicate rows. Find, highlight, or delete the found values in Google Sheets: Remove Duplicates add-on will offer six different ways to deal with the results.

Once you get the add-on from the store, you will see Remove Duplicates item in the list of your add-ons. It has 5 main tools to find duplicates in Google Sheets: Remove duplicate rows, Remove duplicate cells, Compare two sheets, Combine duplicate rows, Quick dedupe. But in this blog post I've collected three main possibilities:

The following three videos show how you can work with all these wizards.

How to find and remove duplicate lines in Google Sheets

In this video, you will see how to quickly find and possibly remove duplicate rows in one Google Sheets table.

Remove duplicates in Google Sheets: video transcript

Remove Duplicates is a simple tool for finding unique and duplicate records in Google Sheets.
Now let's see how we can quickly discover the same records in one table: here I have a list of requested books, and I want to delete any duplicates.

To do this, use the first tool that comes with the add-on: Find duplicates or uniques. It will select the range with your data right away, and you can always change it using this little icon.
The easiest way to select data range

We always recommend using the possibility to back up your sheet — this will let you get a copy of it, so you can always go back to your original data.

Click Next to choose the type of data you want to find. You can look for unique values, duplicates, and include the original values. In our example we need to keep our first occurrences, so let's select duplicates and click Next

This step is very important as here you define the columns you want to consider for the search.
Say, if you are looking for duplicate IDs, this is the only column you will select. If you want to find duplicate rows, you need to keep all columns selected.
Define the columns you want to consider for search

The add-on can also look at the combination of values in the selected columns, for example, we can look for those duplicate book titles that also have the same ID, and this way we will ignore all unique IDs even if the title is the same.

Finally, you can choose to delete the selected rows with duplicates, highlight them with any color, mark them with status, copy or move them to another location, or simply clear duplicate values in the key columns without deleting the rows.
Decide what to do with duplicates

Click Finish to see the duplicates and the number of items the add-on has found.

If you need to compare two columns or tables, please watch the next video.

If you have any questions about removing duplicates in Google Sheets, please contact us right from within the add-on, we'll do our best to help.

How to compare two columns or sheets for duplicates

This video will show how you can quickly compare data from two columns, or match entire rows from two Google Sheets.

Compare lists in Google Sheets for duplicates: video transcript

When you need to find duplicates between two columns or sheets, this add-on will become your favorite assistant. There are five simple steps you need to follow.

Open your main table and go to Add-ons — Remove Duplicates — Compare columns or sheets.

It will quickly find the range with your table, but you can select a different sheet in the drop-down list and update the range in this field. If you need to compare two columns, select your first column here.

Click Next and select the second table to compare against: here I want to find those of the requested books that were already ordered, and I can use this field to enter the range with data I want to look at.

Step 3 lets you find those values that are present only in table 1 or those that are repeated in table 2.

On step 4 you can choose the columns to compare. This step makes this add-on a life-saver when you want to find duplicates by more than one column: say each author may have different books, so I can select all these columns to find the same books by the same authors.
What columns you'd like to compare?

The last step lets you decide what to do with the found rows: you can mark them with color or a status column, copy or move them, clear values in the key columns, or delete the rows.
Color, delete, copy, or move the result

Click Finish and you will get an overview of the result and in our example, we will see a list of books that are still waiting to be ordered.

If you have any questions about comparing columns or tables in Google Sheets, please contact us right from the add-on: you can use these two icons to send an email or post in our community, we'll do our best to help you.

Combine duplicate rows

This most recent video of ours will show you how to combine data from multiple duplicate rows into one row.

To read the transcript of the video, please go this blog post instead.

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  1. Sanjeet Shokeen says:

    I have a table in which first column i add date 1 July to 26 July 2016. In second column, I give rating to me (e.g. 0 to 10). I want to sum my rating only past 5 days but when last 5 day rating is less than 2, then add one more day. e.g.
    Date Rating
    15 July 5
    16 July 3
    17 July 0
    18 July 8
    19 July 2
    20 July 6
    21 July 7
    23 July 1
    24 July 5
    25 July 6
    26 July 3

    when I sum last 5 day (21 July to 26 July) is 22, but 23 July my rating is less than 2 than I add one more day in rating (20 July to 26 July) than my rating is 27, I remove 23 July in my life.

    Can you you help me in this.

    Than You.

    • Hello Sanjeet,
      Could you please clarify what should happen if there are more values that are less than 2 within the last 5 days? Also, what if the day you add also has a rating less than 2? If neither case is a concern, you can use the following formula:
      =IF(COUNTIF(B2:B6,"<2")>1, SUM(B2:B6),SUMIF(B1:B6,">=2"))

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