What's new in Ultimate Suite - welcome 3 new tools and the AutoUpdate option

It wasn't too long ago that we announced a new update for Ultimate Suite. We have been working really hard since then to add 3 new tools - Extract Text, Table of Contents, and Watermark for Excel. We have also implemented the AutoUpdate option to guarantee that you always have the latest and greatest.

We continue adding new tools and options to Ultimate Suite. What is really awesome is the fact that the price stays the same. Choosing our top product for Excel - you choose the superior quality and first class support. Thank you for your feedback that you send to us by email and leave on our Facebook page, we really appreciate it and promise to keep up with the good job.

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Auto update option

We have implemented the Auto Update option to streamline your update experience. It will keep Ultimate Suite up to date with the latest fixes and enhancements. You no longer have to search for the newest version on our website. Now the toolset recognizes when you are online and uses your Internet connection to search for downloads from the Ablebits web site.
You will have a chance to cancel the update, or skip the version, if necessary. You'll also have the new Update button in the Tools group next to Options to update whenever you prefer. This button appears every time a new version is available.

Extract Text in Excel

Extract Text in Excel
Cell Cleaner has welcomed one more powerful option. Now you can forget about complex formulas with the FIND, MIN, LEFT, RIGHT and other Excel text manipulation functions. The Extract Text tool offers you several radio buttons to use whether you want to extract text or numbers, or count certain characters.

  • Extract the first and last characters
  • Extract text by position
  • Get all characters before or after specific text
  • Extract all numbers
  • Count all or specified characters
  • Get the number of words in Excel.

Add a watermark to Excel

If you struggle to mimic a watermark in Excel each time you need to print out a worksheet, this tool will be your trusted time-saver. Watermark for Excel allows storing custom text and picture marks and inserting them with a click of a button.

  • Add a watermark in Excel in a click
  • Get one pane to create, add, edit, rename and remove watermarks
  • Preview the result on the pane before inserting to the file
  • Create both text and picture watermarks
  • Store all popular watermarks in one handy place.

Insert Watermark in Excel worksheets

Create a table of contents in Excel in one click

Table of Contents, or TOC, is one of the most common features of large spreadsheets. It makes Excel documents look more professional and simplifies navigation. Table of Contents for Excel makes adding a TOC easier by allowing you to create hyperlinks to all sheets in the current workbook in one click.

All you need is to select the top cell for the table of contents in your worksheet, and click on the Table of Contents icon under the Ablebits Utilities tab.
Table of contents in Excel

That's all about the new options added to Ultimate Suite. We'll be sure to get back with more news about helpful features and enhancements.

You can download and install the latest version using the button below.

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Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

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