Try out super speedy Merge Tables Wizard BETA and share your feedback

What a beginning of the year it was! Not sure about you but I feel like the year is already flying by. Last week we officially finished the BETA version of new Merge Tables Wizard (whew!). So I'll take some time to kick my feet up while waiting for your feedback.

It's not a secret that Merge Tables Wizard for Excel is one of our most popular products. The current version is already the quintessence of our experience in developing add-ins for Excel. Nevertheless, we took the responsibility and risks of improving it further.

Install Merge Tables Wizard BETA now to check its newest features

New Merge Tables Wizard is fast, more straightforward and packed with new features:

  • See that the processing speed increased drastically
  • Paste additional matches from the Lookup Table
  • Process merged cells and outlined data
  • Merge really large ranges
  • Work with entries more than 255 characters in length
  • Expand the wizard window if you have lots of columns
  • Check out the improved design and usability of the tool.

We wouldn't like to release the final version without your feedback, even though we tested it really well. You can install improved and super speedy Merge Tables Wizard BETA over your current version and it will pull your license key.

Get new version

Get a free license key for Ultimate Suite!

We have never been so hungry for your feedback. Thus, I offer to upgrade your license to our top product Ultimate Suite for free in exchange for your helpful comments. We really want to improve Merge Tables Wizard based on your ideas and finds.

Please share what you think about the updated version of the add-in.

  • Usability issues. If there are any problems you experience using the add-in, or you see what we can improve, please let us know. Detailed description and screenshots will be really helpful.
  • Functionality problems. If there are any bugs and errors, we will fix them. Just describe how we can reproduce the issue, send us the error details (if any) and your sample table.
  • General look and feel. Please give us your thoughts about new design and interface. Tell us what you like or don't like about certain details.

In return, I'll be sure to send you the key for Ultimate Suite. Feel free to email your feedback to

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