Excel IF statement with multiple AND/OR conditions, nested IF formulas, and more

In Part 1 of our Excel IF function tutorial, we started to learn the nuts and bolts of the Excel IF function. As you remember, we discussed a few IF formulas for numbers, dates and text values as well as how to write an IF statement for blank and non-blank cells.

However, for powerful data analysis, you may often need to evaluate multiple conditions at a time, meaning you have to construct more sophisticated logical tests using multiple IF functions in one formula. The formula examples that follow below will show you how to do this correctly. You will also learn how to use Excel IF in array formulas and learn the basics of the IFEFFOR and IFNA functions.

How to use Excel IF function with multiple conditions

In summary, there can be 2 basic types of multiple conditions - with AND and OR logic. Consequently, your IF function should embed an AND or OR function in the logical test, respectively.

  • AND function. If your logical test contains the AND function, Microsoft Excel returns TRUE if all the conditions are met; otherwise it returns FALSE.
  • OR function. In case you use the OR function in the logical test, Excel returns TRUE if any of the conditions is met; FALSE otherwise.

To better illustrate the point, let's have a look at a few IF examples with multiple conditions.

Example 1. Using IF & AND function in Excel

Suppose, you have a table with the results of two exam scores. The first score, stored in column C, must be equal to or greater than 20. The second score, listed in column D, must be equal to or exceed 30. Only when both of the above conditions are met, a student passes the final exam.

The easiest way to make a proper formula is to write down the condition first, and then incorporate it in the logical_test argument of your IF function:

Condition: AND(B2>=20, C2>=30)

IF/AND formula: =IF((AND(C2>=20, D2>=30)), "Pass", "Fail")

Easy, isn't it? The formula tells Excel to return "Pass" if a value in column C >=20 AND a value in column D >=30. Otherwise, the formula returns "Fail". The screenshot below proves that our Excel IF /AND function is correct:
Excel IF function with multiple AND conditions

Note. Microsoft Excel checks all conditions in the AND function, even if one of the already tested conditions evaluates to FALSE. Such behavior is a bit unusual since in most of programming languages, subsequent conditions are not tested if any of the previous tests has returned FALSE.

In practice, a seemingly correct IF / AND formula may result in an error because of this specificity. For example, the formula =IF(AND(A2<>0,(1/A2)>0.5),"Good", "Bad") will return "Divide by Zero Error" (#DIV/0!) if cell A2 is equal to 0. The avoid this, you should use a nested IF function:

=IF(A2<>0, IF((1/A2)>0.5, "Good", "Bad"), "Bad")

Example 2. Using IF with OR function in Excel

You use the combination of IF & OR functions in a similar way. The difference from the IF / AND formula discussed above is that Excel returns TRUE if at least one of the specified conditions is met.

So, if we modify the above formula in the following way:

=IF((OR(C2>=20, D2>=30)), "Pass", "Fail")

Column E will have the "Pass" mark if either the first score is equal to or greater than 20 OR the second score is equal to or greater than 30.

As you see in the screenshot below, our students have a better chance to pass the final exam with such conditions (Scott being particularly unlucky failing by just 1 point : )
An example of IF/OR formula

More formula examples can be found in Excel IF OR functon.

Example 3. Using IF with AND & OR functions

In case you have to evaluate your data based on several sets of multiple conditions, you will have to employ both AND & OR functions at a time.

In the above table, suppose you have the following criteria to evaluate the students' success:

  • Condition 1: column C>=20 and column D>=25
  • Condition 2: column C>=15 and column D>=20

If either of the above conditions is met, the final exam is deemed passed, otherwise - failed.

The formula might seem tricky, but in a moment, you will see that it is not! You just have to express two conditions as AND statements and enclose them in the OR function since you do not require both conditions to be met, either will suffice:

OR(AND(C2>=20, D2>=25), AND(C2>=15, D2>=20)

Finally, use the above OR function as the logical test in the IF function and supply value_if_true and value_if_false arguments. As the result, you will get the following IF formula with multiple AND / OR conditions:

=IF(OR(AND(C2>=20, D2>=25), AND(C2>=15, D2>=20)), "Pass", "Fail")

The screenshot below indicates that we've got the formula right:
Using IF with OR & AND functions

Naturally, you are not limited to using only two AND/OR functions in your Excel IF formulas. You can use as many logical functions as your business logic requires, provided that:

  • In Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, your formula includes no more than 255 arguments, and the total length of the formula does not exceed 8,192 characters.
  • In Excel 2003 and lower, you can use up to 30 arguments and the total length of your formula shall not exceed 1,024 characters.

Using multiple IF statements in Excel (nested IF functions)

If you need to create more elaborate logical tests for your data, you can include additional IF statements in the value_if_true and value_if_false arguments of your Excel IF formulas. These multiple IF functions are called nested IF functions and they may prove particularly useful if you want your formula to return 3 or more different results.

Here's a typical example: suppose you want not simply to qualify the students' results as Pass/Fail, but define the total score as "Good", "Satisfactory" and "Poor". For instance:

  • Good: 60 or more (>=60)
  • Satisfactory: between 40 and 60 (>40 and <60)
  • Poor: 40 or less (<=40)

To begin with, you can add an additional column (E) with the following formula that sums numbers in columns C and D: =C2+D2

An additional column that sums numbers in columns C and D

And now, let's write a nested IF function based on the above conditions. It's considered a good practice to start with the most important condition and make your functions as simple as possible. Our Excel nested IF formula is as follows:

=IF(E2>=60, "Good", IF(E2>40, "Satisfactory", "Poor "))

As you see, just one nested IF function is sufficient in this case. Naturally, you can nest more IF functions if you want to. For example:

=IF(E2>=70, "Excellent", IF(E2>=60, "Good", IF(E2>40, "Satisfactory", "Poor ")))

The above formula adds one more conditions - the total score of 70 points and more is qualified as "Excellent".

An example of nested IF functions

For more information about Excel IF with multiple conditions, please see How to use nested IF in Excel.

Using Excel IF in array formulas

Like other Excel functions, IF can be used in array formulas. You may need such a formula if you want to evaluate every element of the array when the IF statement is carried out.

For example, the following array SUM/IF formula demonstrates how you can sum cells in the specified range based on a certain condition rather than add up the actual values:


The formula assigns a certain number of "points" to each value in column B - if a value is equal to or less than 1, it equates to 1 point; and 2 points are assigned to each value greater than 1. And then, the SUM function adds up the resulting 1's and 2's, as shown in the screenshot below.
Using Excel IF in array formulas

Note. Since this is an array formula, remember to press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to enter it correctly.

Using IF function together with other Excel functions

Earlier in this tutorial, we've discussed a few IF formula examples demonstrating how to use the Excel IF function with logical functions AND and OR. Now, let's see what other Excel functions can be used with IF and what benefits this gives to you.

Example 1. Using IF with SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX functions

When discussing nested IF functions, we wrote the formula that returns different ranking (Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Poor) based on the total score of each student. As you remember, we added a new column with the formula that calculates the total of scores in columns C and D.

But what if your table has a predefined structure that does not allow any modifications? In this case, instead of adding a helper column, you could add values directly in your If formula, like this:

=IF((C2+D2)>=60, "Good", IF((C2+D2)=>40, "Satisfactory", "Poor "))

Okay, but what if your table contains a lot of individual scores, say 5 different columns or more? Summing so many figures directly in the IF formula would make it enormously big. An alternative is embedding the SUM function in the IF's logical test, like this:

=IF(SUM(C2:F2)>=120, "Good", IF(SUM(C2:F2)>=90, "Satisfactory", "Poor "))
Using IF with the SUM function

In a similar fashion, you can use other Excel functions in the logical test of your IF formulas:


=IF(AVERAGE(C2:F2)>=30,"Good",IF(AVERAGE(C2:F2)>=25,"Satisfactory","Poor "))

The formulas retunes "Good" if the average score in columns C:F is equal to or greater than 30, "Satisfactory" if the average score is between 29 and 25 inclusive, and "Poor" if less than 25.


To find the highest and lowest scores, you can use the MAX and MIN functions, respectively. Assuming that column F is the total score column, the below formulas work a treat:

MAX: =IF(F2=MAX($F$2:$F$10), "Best result", "")

MIN: =IF(F2=MIN($F$2:$F$10), "Worst result", "")

If you'd rather have both the Min and Max results in the same column, you can nest one of the above functions in the other, for example:

=IF(F2=MAX($F$2:$F$10) ,"Best result", IF(F2=MIN($F$2:$F$10), "Worst result", ""))
Using IF with the MIN and MAX functions

In a similar manner, you can use the IF function with your custom worksheet functions. For example, you can use it with the GetCellColor / GetCellFontColor functions to return different results based on a cell color.

In addition, Excel provides a number of special IF functions to analyze and calculate data based on different conditions.

For example, to count the occurrences of a text or numeric value based on a single or multiple conditions, you can use COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, respectively. To find out a sum of values based on the specified condition(s), use the SUMIF or SUMIFS functions. To calculate the average according to certain criteria, use AVERAGEIF or AVERAGEIFS.

For the detailed step-by-step formula examples, check out the following tutorials:

Example 2. IF with ISNUMBER and ISTEXT functions

You already know a way to spot blank and non-blank cells using the ISBLANK function. Microsoft Excel provides analogous functions to identify text and numeric values - ISTEXT and ISNUMBER, respectively.

Here's is example of the nested Excel IF function that returns "Text" if cell B1 contains any text value, "Number" if B1 contains a numeric value, and "Blank" if B1 is empty.

=IF(ISTEXT(B1), "Text", IF(ISNUMBER(B1), "Number", IF(ISBLANK(B1), "Blank", "")))
Using IF with ISNUMBER, ISTEXT and ISBLANK functions

Note. Please pay attention that the above formula displays "Number" for numeric values and dates. This is because Microsoft Excel stores dates as numbers, starting from January 1, 1900, which equates to 1.

Example 3. Using the result returned by IF in another Excel function

Sometimes, you can achieve the desired result by embedding the IF statement in some other Excel function, rather than using another function in a logical test.

Here's another way how you can use the CONCATINATE and IF functions together:

=CONCATENATE("You performed ", IF(C1>5,"fantastic!", "good"))

I believe you hardly need any explanation of what the formula does, especially looking at the screenshot below:
Using the result returned by IF in another Excel function

IF function vs. IFERROR and IFNA

Both of the functions, IFERROR and IFNA, are used to trap errors in Excel formulas and replace them with another calculation, predefined value or text message. In earlier Excel versions, you can use the IF ISERROR and IF ISNA combinations instead.

The difference is that IFERROR and ISERROR handle all possible Excel errors, including #VALUE!, #N/A, #NAME?, #REF!, #NUM!, #DIV/0!, and #NULL!. While IFNA and ISNA specialize solely in #N/A errors.

Here is the simplest example of the IFERROR formula:

=IFERROR(B2/C2, "Sorry, an error has occurred")
An example of using the IFERROR function in Excel

As you see in the screenshot above, column D displays the quotient of the division of a value in column B by a value in column C. You can also see two error messages in cells D2 and D5 because everyone knows that you cannot divide a number by zero.

In some cases, however, you may not want to trap all errors, but rather test the condition causing a specific error. For example, to replace a divide by zero error with your own message, use the following IF formula:

=IF(C2=0, "Sorry, an error has occurred", B2/C2)

And that's all I have to say about using the IF function in Excel. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week!

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1,704 Responses to "Excel IF statement with multiple AND/OR conditions, nested IF formulas, and more"

  1. Mel says:


    I'm looking for an If formula with times and days

    If cell is greater than 01:00 and equal to or less than 04:00 return 0.5 (half a day). but if the cell is greater than 04:00 return 1 (1 day).

    Is this possible?

    • Mel says:

      The one formula I have used is:

      Start Time Finish Time Total Hours Worked Days to claim

      12:00 15:00 3:00 0.5

      12:00 15:00 =F11-E11 ???

      I would like days to claim to pull back 0.5 if the sum in "Total Hours Worked" is 3.75 or less. Or pull back 1 if it's over 3.75.

      I'm guessing the formula would be a "sum if" but I'm not sure how to write it

      I'd be grateful for any suggestions please :)

      • Mel says:

        Day Date Name Start Time Finish Time Total Hours Worked Days to claim

        Thursday 11/10/2018 Test 9:00 10:00 1:00
        Friday 12/10/2018 Test 2 17:00 22:00 5:00
        Saturday 13/10/2018 Test 3 7:00 22:00 15:00

        Example formula:


        G22 is the total hours (i.e.1, 5, 15). 1 should pull back 0.5. 5 and 15 should pull back 1
        but this formula is not working properly.

        I would be grateful if you could please help me fix the formula

        • anon says:

          Since you want 3.75 or less = 0.5, you should start the equation with > 3.75. Else, excel will read 3.75 as 1.

          The basic if equation is like this:
          =if(condition, result if condition is met, result is condition isn't met)
          So the equation should be like this
          = if(A2>3.75,1,0.5)

          With A2= working hours

          Note: you only need " " if the option are non numerical.

  2. Kalim says:

    Can someone, please help me in providing a formula. My problem is as below.

    I have the following data:

    Salary : $2000
    PWL2 : $1900
    PWL3 : $1950
    PWL4 : $2100
    Eligibility: ?

    If salary is greater than or equal to PWL2 value, Eligibility field should show as "Eligible on PWL2". If salary is greater than or equal to PWL2 and PWL3 value, Eligibility field should show as "Eligible on PWL2 and PWL3". If salary is greater than or equal to PWL2, PWL3 and PWL4 value, Eligibility field should show as "Eligible on PWL2, PWL3 and PWL4". If PWL2, PWL3 and PWL4 values are greater than Salary value, then Eligibility field should show "Not Eligible".

  3. Ashutosh Joshi says:

    how can match amount and bill no. with a sheet to other sheets AS BELOW :

    21-09-2018 Dr Karnataka Bank A/c No. 01 Receipt 120432.00
    21-09-2018 Dr Karnataka Bank A/c No. 01 Receipt 179628.00
    01-10-2018 Cr SERVICE CHARGES GST Sales PSS 457 379369.87
    01-10-2018 Cr SERVICE CHARGES GST Sales PSS 438 183014.00
    09-10-2018 Dr Karnataka Bank A/c No. 01 Receipt 145258.00
    09-10-2018 Dr Karnataka Bank A/c No. 01 Receipt 150000.00

    31-08-2018 By SECURITY CHARGES Expenses 292 144027.00
    New Ref PSS 60 30 Days 145258.00 Cr
    New Ref PSS 60 30 Days 1231.00 Dr
    31-08-2018 By SECURITY CHARGES Expenses 293 144027.00
    New Ref PSS 59 30 Days 145258.00 Cr
    New Ref PSS 59 30 Days 1231.00 Dr
    21-09-2018 To HDFC BANK - AHURA CENTRE Bank Payment 1469 576108.00
    Agst Ref PSS 144 30 Days 144027.00 Dr


  4. Mehul says:

    In A,B,C,D,E, F Row
    A1 -1
    B1 -2
    C1 -3
    D1 -5
    E1 -10

    A2 -5
    B2 -10
    C2 -30
    D2 -40
    E2 -50

    In second column result is show,
    means If i enter 1 in F1 the A1 should be called and displayed Result of A2 (5)
    Same for , If i enter 5 in F1 then D1 should be called and displayed result of D2 (40)

    Please send the Excel Sheet Formula if anyone konws.

  5. Riyaad says:


    I need help to fix my formula.

    I need to highlight queries that has not been finalised as yet.

    If it has been finalised(Q5) the highlight cell J5 must be blank.

    if the query status (Q5)is "pended", "in progress" or "blank" the highlight cell J5 must reflect TAT expired.

    my formula -
    If today’s date (BS6) is greater than I5(date TAT expired on) and Q5 (query status) is Finalised then J5 must be blank (test stops) BUT if Q5 (query status)is "blank", "in progress" or "pended" then J5 must reflect TAT Expired.

  6. Zen says:

    i want creat template for Over time and shift .. can u help me what formula i want use for this case

    A = 8.0
    A1= 7.0
    B= 10.0

    if im key in A at column A.. and column B . must be 8.0.. If im key in A1 at column A.. column B must be 7.0 ...

    what formula ? can do like this.. help me please...

  7. Martijn says:

    I would like to make the following formula larger (placed in cell J9):

    by adding another two factors:

    But Excel then states that I've entered too many arguments for this function. Does anyone have a solution?

    I need to be able to turn the 4 words into a scoring.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Raja says:

      try This formula given below


    • SURAJ GUPTA. says:

      I think It's very simple, please try below formula in same Formate ...

      =IF(I9=0,"poor",IF(I9=1,"adequate",IF(I9=2,"good",IF(I9=3,"ecellante",IF(I9=4,"very excellatent")))))

      Note: Total no of closing bracket is equal to total no of IF used in the formula.

  8. Kasozi Charles says:

    I am trying to make general comments on students performance if series of column have better or bad mark with distinction, credit, pass or fail. But my formula returns error how can I make better?
    =IF(AND(B4>=70,"Distinction", IF(B4>=55,"Credit", IF(B4>=40,"Pass", IF(AND(C4>=70,"Distinction",IF(AND(C4>=55,"Credit",IF(C4>=40,"Pass", IF(AND(D4>=70,"Distinction",IF(D4>=55,"Credit",IF(D4>=40,"Pass", IF(AND(E4>=70,"Distinction",IF(E4>=55,"Credit",IF(E4>=40,"Pass", IF(AND(F4>=70,"Distinction",IF(F4>=55,"Credit",IF(F4>=40,"Pass","Fail"))))))

    A B C D E F G
    1 1 90 80 70 85 70 Distinction
    2 2 72 66 85 90 65 Credit
    3 3 70 75 55 63 50 Pass
    4 4 34 80 70 39 35 Fail

    • Doug says:

      Hello, Kasozi:
      A couple of things. First, the logic used in this formula is going to return an error. For example it says: "B4>=70,"Distinction", IF(B4>=55,"Credit"", etc.
      B4 cannot be greater than or equal to 70 and 55. Also the conditions cannot trigger two different returns.
      Secondly, I don't think you need to use "AND" for the reason I gave above. The value in B4 cannot be two different conditions to return two different words.
      I think I see what you're trying to get at, but I would recommend you read the explanation and then start by using the example shown in the discussion in the article. Start with the simple example and then build the formula from there. Each time you add another condition check to see if it returns an error. If it doesn't add another and so on.

  9. David Ray says:

    I am trying to create a formula that will create a
    "0" percent of delay when the age equivalent of a test domain is higher then the student's age, i.e. age is 40 months, age equivalent on test domain is 50 months. I also need to show the child's percent of delay in the same formula, i.e. student's age is 40 months, age equivalent on tests is 35 months = 13 percent delay.


  10. Jonathan says:

    Hi all,

    I published this a couple of weeks ago, but no-one responded, so posting again, in the hope that someone might be able to help.

    I have a deadline date in H3.

    I need the formula in O3 to check whether the deadline (H3) has passed today's date. If it has, it then needs to check whether the work has been completed on time (N3), and dependent on the result, display Late or Not Late.

    Additionally, I need it to display Late or not Late if a date has not been entered in N3.

    If anyone can help, that'd be great.

  11. Kalyan says:

    Hi, i am struggling with excel formula. In cells b1,b2,b3 have data related to cell a1 . B4, b5,b6,b7 has data related to cell a4. Now I want data in cell c3 containing b1/be/be and so on.


    I need to create a formula where it would only compute an interest, all three cells meet the criteria. Which is, that all three cells are positive numbers. Is that possible?

  13. Antony says:

    Hi, i am struggling with excel formula. In cells a1,b1,c1,d1 have data acc (or) RES (or) REJ. i want to data in cell f1(result) its final row last entered value only display.

    a1 b1 c1 d1 f1
    1 res acc acc
    2 res res acc acc
    3 res res rej rej
    4 res res res res res

  14. Tee says:

    Very helpful thank you!!

  15. Sunil Wagh says:

    Sr. No. Particular Amount Code A B C
    1 5454423 200 A 200 0 0
    2 564564 200 B 0 200 0
    3 6546821 300 C 0 0 100
    4 648751 100 AB 50 50 0
    5 489796 200 BC 0 100 100
    6 249736 150 ABC 50 50 50
    7 4841 100 AC 50 0 50
    8 649489791 600 A How to posible ? Which formula do you have for code.. plz suggest solution

    9 23489494 650 B
    10 6494964 400 AC

  16. SAM says:

    how can make condition for example if 3=4 then mulply other wise devide

  17. Doug says:

    This is an IF Then Else statement and in general they look like this: IF a condition is true THEN perform an operation OTHERWISE perform something ELSE.
    So, your situation might look like this:

  18. Joel McVay says:

    I am trying to write a Function that will give a date in a cell depending on what is selected in the adjacent cell. I am using Excel 2013. I have tried the following function

    =IF(E2=LOM,D2-120, IF(E2=MSM,D2-90,IF(E2=ARCOM,D2-60,D2-30)

    I want the function to display an award due date 30, 60, 90, or 120 days earlier than a stated leave date based on award submitted.

    What am I doing wrong?

  19. Doug says:

    Text needs to be enclosed in quotes. So, LOM should be "LOM", etc. Also, there needs to be two more closed parentheses at the end of the formula.

  20. Kristina N Denton says:

    I need a formula in one cell to return results for another set of cells. I have searched for hours now and I'm really not sure I even know how to ask the question. I have a cell labeled Funding Source on Sheet2 and need to pull text from cells F11:F100 in Sheet1. These cells will only contain the text, "Medicaid", "State", or "County". I need the cell in Sheet 2 (Funding Source) to return the results showing if Medicaid, State, or County (or multiple if more than one type is entered) is entered into cells F11:F100 in Sheet1. So if all the cells in Sheet1 have 'Medicaid' entered, the results should only show "Medicaid" in Sheet2 but if 'Medicaid' and 'State' are entered then the results should show "Medicaid and State". I have tried multiple formulas to no avail. Is it even possible to combine the results of numerous cells into one cell?? Any help is appreciated.

  21. Dar says:


    How would I go about adding ISNUMBER to this so it also displays no results? I've tried a few different ways but no joy so far.

    =IFERROR(INDEX($D$4:$D$950,$G4,COLUMNS($B$4:B4)),"NO RESULTS")


  22. Irina says:

    Hi, I need help.
    I have a formula that calculates R-G-Y status of the project based on days left to completion (column G)
    =IF(G7>=10, "Green", IF(G7>=1, "Yellow", "Red "))

    Now I need to add one more condition: only apply this formula to projects "In Progress" in Column F. How can I modify the existing formula to add this condition?
    If status is "in progress" - apply formula
    If status is "complete" or "not started" - leave empty

    Thanks in advance!

  23. Ram Ramajayam says:

    hi - how use a formula in the return value of "IF' function.
    eg - if the value is > 500, then (use a formula)else (use another formula)
    Ram Ramajayam

  24. RAKIBUL HASAN says:

    Please help me to solve this problem.......
    If A1=0 then B1=Y and if A1 is not equal 0 then B1=Cell value of A1

  25. Andrew says:

    I am trying adding a formula whereby if one scores 0 to 39 the other cell displays U, if scores 40 to 49 the other cell displays E, if scores 50 to 59 displays D,, it goes loke that..

  26. Lhon says:


    Need help. How I can make the following statement into excel formula.

    if colunm A<=1 then column C is close should be Close within TAT otherwise Close beyond TAT AND if colunm A<=1 then column C is open should Open within TAT otherwise Open beyond TAT

    Column A Column B Column C
    0 ? Close
    2 ? open

  27. pat says:

    Would be grateful if someone could help.
    I need to put text in several cells in colume 1 from a dropdown which I can do.
    I then want to put text in several cells in colume 2 from a drop down.
    In colume 3 I want text depending on what text is in colume 1 and 2.
    Eg if a1 = "dog" then c1 = "bark"/// but if a1 = "dog" and b1 = "cat" then c1 = "fight"


  28. Doug says:

    I believe this is what you're looking for.
    In C1 enter:

  29. Gillian says:

    I am trying to automate a daily report template.

    Detailed information will be entered into a separate tab with a column for each day of the week.

    In the report I want to be able to enter the date and then for the each of the rows to populate based on the information that is in the data tab for that date.

    What formula do I need for this?

  30. PHA says:

    When Using nested AND Statement in excel I get error: Find my below statement and help to identify what is wrong?

    =IF(AND(E2>=30000000000,F2="CORPORATE","Global Corporate"),IF(AND(E2>=15000000000,F2="CORPRATE","Large Regional"),IF(AND(E2>=3000000000,F2="CORPORATE","Local Corporate"),IF(AND(E2>=2000000000,F2="SME","Large"),IF(AND(E2>=1000000000,F2="SME","Medium"),IF(E2>=500000000,F2="SME","Small"),IF(AND(E2>250000000,F2="SME","Micro"),IF(AND(E2>=100000000,F2="RETAIL","HNI"),IF(AND(E2>=36000000,F2="RETAIL","Afluent"),IF(AND(E2>=12000000,F2="RETAIL","Middle"),"Mass")))))))))

  31. Rundull says:

    Please help me resolve this issue

    If A1=A or B then B1=1 else B1=2


  32. Anupam says:

    I need formula to display all matched column heading for the result with two criteria. If $P$1 matches $A$1:$A30 AND $Q$1 matches $B$2:$O$30 THEN MATCHED COLUMN HEADINGS FROM B1:O1 SHOULD APPEAR IN RESULT CELL.

    Thank you in advance for the help

  33. Prerna says:

    Hi there,

    Could you please help me i have to satisfied multipal condition then formula to be applied on my calculation sheet, condition are as follows:
    IF,E=3/5/7 THEN
    1) E=3 THEN IF F= ID/OD F=ID THEN (W+H)+29 OR F=OD THEN (W+H)+21
    2) E=5 THEN IF F= ID/OD F=ID THEN (W+H)+34 OR F=OD THEN (W+H)+23
    3) E=7 THEN IF F= ID/OD F=ID THEN (W+H)+43 OR F=OD THEN (W+H)+25

  34. Luis Contreras says:

    Thanks a lot! Very useful for me.

  35. KC says:

    Hello everyone,

    i need help and can someone advice :
    we need to check the date of a project OPL, whether it is due , overdue or remain open.

    have tried to insert the formula searched from web :

    '=IF(ISBLANK(A2),"",IF(A2<TODAY(),"Overdue","") )
    it work for 1 criteria condition check. but we need to check 2nd argument and 3rd arguement.

    kindly help to refine the correct formula.

    thank you very much. Appreciated.

  36. rajapandiyan says:

    APMG xxxxxxx
    AWP xxxxxxx
    BBC xxxxxxx
    BSM xxxxxxx

    AS i above statement left side should be the title & right side should be the awards 7 i want to the name to each respective awards of the cell

  37. Mahesh MN says:

    I have a condition where i am using three values which return different answers.


    Should return "RTXP8"


    Should return "RTXP18"


    should Return "RTXP24"

    I used the IF conditions and got too many arguments error

  38. VJ says:


    I have to write if condition based on TEXT vales,Please advise.
    i have A,B,C,D,E in one column and in another column i need to get
    using if condition that if A,C,E = Yes B,D = NO

  39. Jason says:


    Please help! Not sure why I'm getting an error on this. looking to provide an IF statement based on multiple conditions that include an "OR" condition as part of multiple ranges.


    • Jason says:


      Please help! Not sure why I'm getting an error on this. looking to provide an IF statement based on multiple conditions that include an "OR" condition as part of multiple ranges.


  40. Jeremy says:

    Hi there,

    I am trying to have a cell automatically fill in a choice of two phrases depending on what the value is in another field.

    So, here is what I am trying to achieve:

    if P10 = Yes, then I want S10 to say "Required" as well as
    if P10 = No or Unsure, then I want S10 to say "check requirements with provider"

  41. Doug says:

    If there are only two possible responses for P10 then enter this in S10:
    =IF(P10="Yes","Required","check requirements with provider")
    I say two responses because in this case No or Unsure are the same response.

  42. Jessica says:

    Hi there,

    I need to scan a column of values and get Yes if and only if all the values of the column are equal to a specified value.

    E.g. Scan E28:E43 which has a mix of "true" and "false" and return "yes" only if all the values in the range are "true".

    Any suggestions on which function I can use?


  43. Doug says:

    Hello, Jessica:
    I think this will work for you:

  44. Maria says:

    This formula is exactly what i need and i appreciate for sharing.
    However with me did not work
    I have only one column the Result if less than 28 is Fail if Above 28 is Pass
    I went in Manager Formattin Conditional create a rule but it did not give me the Result Pass or Fail
    I believe is because i used only one value the médium value of score.
    If i6>28 , "pass") other rule
    IfI6<28," fail")
    If you can help me on this I appreciate. Maria

  45. SYAMLAL says:

    Good after noon,
    I want to show a cell content as debit or credit depending up on previous cell value
    Eg: if the cell value is 55 then next cell will shows credit if the cell value is -50 next cell will show debit.Can you please help me to solve this problem.

    • Doug says:

      Are the only two possibilities "55" and "-50"? If so, then use
      =IF(A2=55,"Credit","Debit") where the data is in A2.
      If the data is dynamic and is stored in cells A2 and down the column then just copy the formula down the column and it will reflect the results from examining the cells A3, A4, etc.
      If the data is dynamic and always shown in the same cell then something like =IF(Cell Address=50,"Credit","Debit").
      Or maybe the situation might be If the data in a cell address is less than zero then debit.
      There are a number of possibilities for this scenario. You'll have to be more specific with your request to get the answer to your question.

  46. ROHIT says:

    how i can use formoula to caputre data using filter in one sheet to another sheesr. no Material Part HSN / SAC Code Part Price Tax % Model
    1 Metal Front Mudguard 87141090 1359.38 28 c-350
    2 Metal Cover Tube Black 87141090 311.72 28 c-350
    3 Metal Steering Stem (T) 87141090 1359.38 28 c-350
    4 Metal Handle Bar 87141090 328.13 28 c-350
    5 Metal Air Filter assy 87141090 1025 28 c-350
    6 Plastic Trafficator 85122010 211.02 18 c-350
    7 Metal Fuel tank 87141090 5846.09 28 c-350
    8 Metal Head Lamp 85122010 677.97 18 c-350
    9 Metal Front Mudguard 87141090 1054.69 28 Std-350
    10 Metal Fual Tank 87141090 6603.13 28 Std-350
    11 Metal Frame assy 87141090 6406.25 28 Std-350
    12 Metal Air Filter Box 87141090 1275 28 Std-350
    13 Metal Cover Resonator 87141090 320.31 28 Std-350
    14 Metal Lever and Holder lh 87141090 262.5 28 Std-350
    15 Metal foot Rest Arm 87141090 142.19 28 Std-350
    16 Metal Swing Arm 87141090 1472.66 28 Std-350
    17 Metal Head Lamp Assy 85122010 593.22 18 Std-350
    18 Metal Crankcase assy 87141090 11775 28 Std-350
    19 Metal Exhaust Pipe (Bend) 87141090 3203.13 28 Std-350
    20 Metal front Spindle Kit 87141090 209.38 28 Std-350
    21 Metal Tool Box 87141090 1206.25 28 Std-350
    22 Metal Saree Gurad 87141090 1038.28 28 Std-350
    23 Metal Fork Pipe Spinning 87141090 755.47 28 Std-350
    24 Metal Head lamp Casing 87141090 2775.78 28 Std-350
    25 Metal Handle Bar 87141090 327.34 28 Std-350
    26 Metal Front Mudguard Center stay 87141090 39.06 28 Std-350
    27 Metal Silencer Assy 87141090 2416.41 28 Std-350
    28 Metal Fuel tank 87141090 7812 28 C-350 Matt
    29 Metal Front Mudguard 87141090 1796.88 28 C-350 Matt
    i want some date just use filter to another worksheet

  47. Ibrahim Hassan says:

    I am working on project timeline. Client requirement is:
    Don't count Sunday & holidays. Now I am facing difficulty when there is a holiday, How I can increase the completion time that was wasted because of that holiday. Formula I used is:

    =IF(WEEKDAY(F$3)=1, "holiday",IF(AND(F$3>=$D4,F$3<=$E4),"WORK DAY",""))

    • Hello, Ibrahim,

      If you need to calculate workdays with custom holidays, the NETWORKDAYS function should help you. It returns the number of workdays between two dates, excluding weekends and, optionally, the holidays you specify. If this is what you are looking for, please take a look at this web-page for more details.

      If it is not exactly what you need, please specify. We'll do our best to help.

  48. Michael says:


    I am planning to write an if function for 3 criterion.

    IF(AND([In Progress - Late]1 >= 1, [At Risk]1 >= 1),[In Progress - On Track]1>=1,) "Red","")

    I know I am writing it wrong. Can anyone help me structure the formula?


  49. Tony says:

    Please help. I have 1 more argument in this formula need to be incorporated but I don't know how to. This is the formula: =DSUM($A$12:$V$301,"Inv. Amount",$AX$1:$AX$2), where"$A$12:$V$301" is my table for my clients, products they bought and the invoice amount; "Inv. Amount" is the total invoice amount for each client and "$AX$1:$AX$2" is my argument for 1 particular client. Now what I would like to have is highlight one specific product for that particular client. For example I designate "$T$1:$T$2" for product = Basil. Now I like to see ABC company that bought basil, chili,onion...highlight just the amount of basil they bought. I don't know how to incorporate "$T$1:$T$2" into the formula. Thank you in advance for your help.

  50. Eric Herbert says:

    please am trying to put a formula that would select the best six results out of nine result for an assessment, any help

  51. Anna says:


    I have a spread sheet that hast at least 371 rows, this rows may or may not change every month but i need a formula that will count how many cells contain an organization (Column C) and then find those who have dates <= of the END of the month. My second formula should be counting every one from a organization (Column C) that has a "u" or"ps" in column E.
    The main goal is for the expression to identify the organizations so i do not have to edit the cells range every single month for each particular field.

  52. Waqas Sarwar says:

    I have 8 partners in company. 3 of them are silent they have invested, 2 of them are active but not invested, and remaining 3 are both active and also invested. I want to give them different margin share of the profit. I want to give silent partners 20% of the profit amount, active 30%, and 50% to the active and investors.
    1. partner1= 0 eqity active
    2. partner2= 20K equity investor
    3. partner3= 10K equity investor
    4. partner4= 0 equity active
    5. partner5= 12K equity investor
    6. partner6= 11K equity active+investor
    7. partner7= 15K equity active + investor
    8. partner8= 13K equity active + investor
    total equity 81K, Total profit in a project is 10k
    I want to divide as per above ratio and as per their equity in excel. Kindly help me out

  53. Jenn says:

    I am trying to write a formula for the below scenario:
    We have a list of data entered by our customer service reps (CSRs). Each day, we need to know if the specific members of our pilot group were there.
    I have a table with a row at the end labeled 1-5 (for days of the week).

    I'm trying to develop a formula that will look for Day 1 (or Day 2, etc.) and then look through the list of names (which will actually include all 5 days) and return a value of "Yes" or "No".

    I've got a whole Word document of attempted formulas and nothing is working. I thought this would work (I created additional tabs for days and the pilot group names):
    =IF((AND('Qry_BCNA Control Group'!$O:$O='Days '!$A$1, 'Qry_BCNA Control Group'!$K:$K='PilotGroup'!$A:$A)), “Yes”, “No”)
    But it came back with a #NAME? error.

  54. Daniel says:


    I am searching for a function that first is searching on a column for 11.75 with fill color white, and on the line that find this is searching in another area for X, and if this is true put X or 1 or something in that cell.

    I put here a file with this if I didn't explain that well:


    Can anyone help me with this formula?


    • Hi, Daniel,

      We've looked into your task and have a couple of questions to clarify before we can help:
      1) Since you posted your question under the article about Excel - do you need a solution for Excel or Google Sheets? These platforms work a bit differently, so we need to know for sure.
      2) You mentioned you need to put "X" instead of "11.75" when the latter occurs. I'm afraid it won't be possible, because the formula returns the result to where it stands, and we can't enter it to the cell needed for the calculations.
      3) Could you please also clarify where is the "day" in your data? It's not entirely clear whether the days are the columns from A to E, or the ranges like A21:E25.

      You can email us to support@ablebits.com with the answers for better convenience.
      Thank you.

  55. Rhea says:

    Help, I need to make a formula for cells for the following. If between 2-5 then 1, If between 6-10 then 2 and so on. Please help

    1 first aid attendant for 2-5 employees per floor at all times
    2 first aid attendants for 6-10 employees per floor at all times
    3 first aid attendants for 11-50 employees per floor at all times
    4 first aid attendants for 51-100 employees per floor at all times
    5 first aid attendants for 101-150 employees per floor at all times
    6 first aid attendants for 151-200 employees per floor at all times

  56. Joe Solomon says:

    great article -thank you!

    I am stumped on one that I would love your expert opinion on....I want to combine and AND with a formula, so basically if cell E3>0 then H2*E3 (I have to cost out the cost of an employee to fly out for a certain travel day, but only of that travel day is required. By placing a 1 in cell E3 I am saying that we need a travel day, so want it to activate the formula H2*E3).

    Know this is complicated but thank you for reading this one anyway!

  57. Casey says:

    Hi there. I am trying to produce a formula for the following:
    IF A1 contains Receivables, copy b1 as a positive number in c1.

    Any ideas?

  58. Sanjay Gundlavkar says:

    Can Anyone rectify my below formula.
    Instead of Result, it shows me as #VALUE!


  59. Nachiketa G says:

    Hello Svetlana,
    I have to write a formula for the following condition:
    Application filled by students are saved in an excel file where there are fields where students enter which class they study in and the subjects they opt for. Now I have the columns to enter the class (from a drop-down list) and SUBJECTS OPTED (multiple selection dropdown lists). Now based on the values entered I need to get a result as to the total fees they need to pay called from another sheet.
    How do I do that (tried with no success)?

    Kindly Help.

  60. patrick tupper says:

    does any know how to sort/filter data by x,y coordinates?
    here is the situation:

    i am pulling map data by zip code and putting it into a csv file. enclosed inside these zip codes are
    distribution areas. i have 4 lat/lons (x1,y1), (x2,y2), (x3,y3), and (x4,y4) these create a square geographic boundary that is a DA. what i would like to do is filter out the data that is not enclosed in the boundary.

    I can do this in matlab however, my company does not own matlab so i am attempting to do this in excel. please help if you can

  61. Keeley says:

    HI Svetlana!

    I am trying to come up with an excel formula for the following:

    Up to $ 50,000.00 $ 850.00
    $ 50,001.00 To $ 150,000.00 $ 1025.00
    $ 151,001.00 To $ 200,000.00 $ 1100.00
    $ 200,001.00 To $ 250,000.00 $ 1175.00
    $ 250,001.00 To $ 300,000.00 $ 1250.00
    $300,001.00 To $ 350,000.00 $ 1325.00
    $ 350,001.00 To $ 400,000.00 $ 1,400.00
    $400,001.00 To $ 500,000.00 $ 1,550.00
    $500,001.00 To $ 750,000.00 $ 1800.00
    $750,001.00 & UP $ 2100.00

  62. Donterrio Marzett says:


    I need help with an "if,then" statement. I want to say the following:

    If C3 is 50% of B3, then D3 should be 0.
    If C3 is not 50% of B3, then D3 should be 50% of C3

  63. Sunil Kumar says:

    1 01-01-2010 22-12-2018 8,000.00 2,340.00 517
    DATEDIF(B4,C4,"y") = 8

    2 01-01-2015 22-12-2018 8,000.00 2,340.00 0
    DATEDIF(B4,C4,"y") = 3
    IF(AND(DATEDIF(B6,C6,"y")<5,(DATEDIF(B6,C6,"y")10,(D8+E8)*10%,(D8+E8)*5% )

    1) IF C5 10 =10%

  64. Sunil Kumar says:


  65. Sofy says:

    Can someone help, need an excel formula.

    I have two columns.
    Column A contains dates (just month and date) i.e. September 09
    Column B contains texts either "Complete" or No"

    I want to compare cell A1 if it contains a date to Cell B1 if it contains text and give results "Done" or " Not done"
    Results: If cell A1 = date and cell B1 = text complete then "Done"
    If cell A1 = no date and B1 = text completed, then "Not Done"

    • Doug says:

      There are a couple of ways to accomplish what you want to do. Here is one that doesn't require VBA.
      =IF(AND(CELL("Format",D24)="D2",E24="Complete"),"Done","Not Done")
      Where the date is in D24 and it is in the dd/mmm as in your sample.
      Where "Complete" is in E24 enter this formula in an empty cell.
      So, it says, if the format of the contents of cell D24 is a date in the format 9-September and the contents of E24 is "Complete" then display "Done" otherwise if one or both of these are not true display "Not Done".

  66. subrahmanyam says:

    how to Caluclated Dr is +, cr is -
    DR 10
    CR 20
    DR 20

  67. Uttam says:

    I have some queries for you as belows:-

    Is it possible to create excel Sales Report of a particular employee among multiple employees with FOUR different conditions: (1) Specific Date / Period Wise, (2) Employee Wise, (3) Multiple Region Wise & (4) Multiple Product Wise

    Example: How much "Laptop" and "Desktop" and "UPS" and "Keyboard" (i.e. the Products) INDIVIDUALLY sold by "Mr. Ankit" and by "Mr. Rocky" and by "Mr. Samir" and by "Mr. Karan" (i.e. the Employees) in the Region "North" and "South" and "East" and "West" for any specific period of last 1 or 2 or 3 Years OR Months OR Quarters OR Days

    Further Conditions:-
    1) No VBA requires

    2) Only Excel 2007 and below formulas / functions has to be used

  68. Tyler says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    I'm trying to do an inventory management sheet and need to calculate totals of certain items. So in cell 1 we can use "Plugable", for cell 2 we can use a quantity like "1" and then in cell three, if the item is "in", "out" or "damaged", in cell 4, the total of how many Plugables are being used. I'm not sure how to do that.

    So 4 cells and a running total of how many are "in", "out" or "damaged".

  69. LushiaKyobi says:

    I'm working on a budgeting sheet and need a formula that only adds/subtracts transactions IF there is a certain word typed in the category cell (i.e. "Grocery"), but won't include other categories I put in (i.e. "Rent" or leaving it blank).

    So far I have:

    It works, but only for one transaction. I need it to cover the whole sheet somehow to get an accurate total for each "budget" category. [I have a transaction side of the sheet and then a "budget" side with the categories and their totals (i.e. "Grocery" in one cell and "$50" next to it as the total). The "$50" is the cell I'm placing the formula in.]

  70. T Naresh Rao says:

    Value to Org. Impact on Org.
    Value - Value Text Option Value - Impact Text Options
    Column x - Column y Column z - Column aa
    0 Not Important 0 No impact
    1 Low importance 1 Low impact
    2 Medium importance 2 Medium impact
    3 High importance 3 High impact
    4 Very high importance 4 Very high impact
    I have put Value text in drop down in one cell and Impact Test Option in right side Box
    There can be any combination of Value Text and Impact Text - Based on the selected text, the respective value of both Values have to be put on right adjust box
    Example - For Low Importance & Low impact
    I have put the formula as =IF(C6=Y2, D6=AA2,X2*Z2) i am getting result as under:
    Organization Impact Factor Reputation Impact Factor Criticality
    Low importance Low impact "TRUE" instead of requirement as:
    Low importance Low impact 1 (as Value for Low importance is 1 & Low Impact is 1 - so 1x1=1)
    Please help me with the formula so that I get 1 as answer?

  71. N.K.S says:

    Hi, Could someone help me to create a formula for:\

    "IF D1 = A2 return the value in B2 or IF D1=A2 return the minus value in C2

    Thank you!


    • Doug says:

      Not sure what you are asking unless you want B2 or C2 to be returned as the If False condition.
      If D1=A2 the formula will either return B2 or C2, but not both.
      Try this and see if it works for you: =IF(D1=A2,B2,C2)
      If the value in D1 is equal to the value in A2 then return the value in B2 otherwise return the value in C2.

  72. Sailesh D says:


    I am trying to create a point system with below numbers. How do I use this formula. There are different criteria's for each column.

    Eg: If someone get Yes's it is positive and they get No it will be negative scores. Also, other two things need to give some range say from 10.00 to 13.00 = 3 scores, if it is less than 9.99 should get 4 scores. I would appreciate your help.

  73. BAJES says:


  74. M. Zakir says:


    Can you please assist me, the same cell if a positive value should be 'Dr' if negative should be 'Cr'


  75. SHASHI says:

    If i press 1 then next cell value is 18000-56900,
    If i press 2 then next cell value is 19900-63200,
    If i press 3 then next cell value is 21700-69100,
    If i press 4 then next cell value is 25500-81100,

    My question is how is it possible to arrange in excel formula to get correct value of each number. please tell me with example.

  76. Ron McLendon says:

    I am fighting a formula in Excel involving loan amortizations. Long story short, I am wanting to show nothing in cell G17 if J16 has a zero balance. If it does have a balance, I want the result to be the value in D5 to be shown in G17. These are samples of what I've tried:
    =IF(J16=0,"",IF(J160,-$D$5)) . . . the value of D5 still shows.
    =IF(J160,-$D$5),IF(J16=0,"") . . . the result is #VALUE!

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  77. Siva says:

    Hi Friends please advise?

    i need formula for this, i have 96 value but need to multiply between (1-50)*50+(51+75)*75+(76+till the end value)*100=====

    please fix the formula and advise my, great thanks.

  78. Siva says:

    Hi Friends please advise?

    i need formula for this, i have 96 value but need to multiply between (1-50)*50+(51+75)*75+(76+till the end value)*100=====

    please fix the formula and advise my, great thanks.

  79. Pratik says:

    I want to create such a formula where if the completion date say 16.05.2018 is less than 28.05.2018 than i want the amount to be displayed otherwise zero. In the excel sheet date will also vary after 4 -5 batch and in between amount could also be different. Please someone help.

  80. deng says:

    help please

    Column A1 = 10
    Coumn B1 = 4

    Column A1 will become 6
    then if user input another value in B1 it will deduct again from A1

  81. Princess says:


    What is the formula to get an output of below given situations:

    A1 = DEF OR is blank
    B1 = ABC
    C1 = AAAA

    RESULT D1 = DEFAAAA (if A1 have text) OR ABCAAAA (if A1 is blank)

  82. jessie says:

    what will be the syntax to formulate data below for the given conditions

    >0 & 90 & 180 & 270 & 365 = e

    Age Days

  83. jay says:

    what is the formula to create a grouping such as below

    a= 0>

  84. AMIT says:



    A1= 34 B1 = 35

    ENGLISH = A1 + B1 =35

    IF A1 = 35 AND B1=35 THEN




  85. Michele says:

    I am struggling with a formula. I'm in Accounts Receivable and I'm comparing invoiced quantities, prices and amounts to what was paid. I'll put this vertically due to lack of horizontal room in this comment box.

    Column M = Invoiced Qty
    Column N = Invoiced Price
    Column O = Amount Invoiced

    Column P = Paid Qty
    Column Q = Paid Price
    Column R = Paid Amount

    Column S = Difference (Sum of O-R)

    So, I want in column T to be:
    "Q" if there is a difference between Column M and Column P,
    "P" if there is a difference between Column N and Column Q,
    "QP" if there is a difference between both Columns M & P AND N & Q,
    "NP" if there are blanks in Columns P & Q (maybe it would be easier to say if Column O = Column S), or
    to be blank if none of these conditions are met.

    Can you help? I've tried several methods and I can always get it to do some of these but not all conditions.

    Thank you!

  86. sandeep kelakr says:

    Customer Type drs order unit rate total add total
    Farmer 1 unit apple 1 30 30 30 60
    c2f 1 unit apple 1 30 30 0 30
    Farmer 1 unit apple 1 unit orange 1 30 30 0 30
    Farmer 1 unit apple 1 30 30 30 60
    c2f 1 unit apple 1 30 30 0 30
    Farmer 1 unit apple 1 unit orange 1 30 30 0 30

    i need advice
    if cell contain farmer with 1 qty charge him 30 rs
    if cell contain c2f with 1 qty then dont charge 30 rs
    if cell contain more then 1 product then also don't charge any thing but highlight the cell with colour

    pls advice

  87. Grant Penney says:

    Hi I have tried multiple IF formula but can't get it to work. I want to show a number in cell A2 (5, 10, 15, 30) depending on a percentage in cell A1 (>=102%, >=110%, >=125%, >=150%)


    thanks for any help

  88. Leigh says:


    I input an amount of items into my spreadsheet in either column D or column E - never both. I then input a price into column F (for info - if under 6 are ordered then sale price is 0.57, over 6 and price is 0.55).

    I am looking for a formula which can multiply column F (my price) by either column D or E (my amount of items) and give me an overall price but I want the formula to be able to 'know' which column to 'pick' given on which one has data entered into it; any ideas?

    Many Thanks,

  89. Catherine McNab says:

    Help i want a conditional format that basically does the below

    To be calculates in N4.......if L4 States External then N4 will x100 then / 12. Producing the final figure in G4

    i am really confusing myself trying to do this on a sheet basically ionly want a cell to wor ot the percentage of a salary if it deemed as external


  90. Siris lama says:

    =If(c1="a","aa",if( c1="b","bb.... continue more than 64 serially but not success after 64 times so if anyone know please help me.

  91. Asim Mehmood says:

    i need guidance regarding following problem.
    I have data in three columns,First column contain ID, Second contain Disease name and third also contain disease name, now one ID is in multiple rows with data, so how can i combine data of same IDs in one row, and then in one cell.

  92. Saad says:

    Name Math Physics Chemistry English Total Average Status No. of Paper Fails Name of Failed Subjects Fine
    a 35 23 14 65 102 34 Fail 2 Physics 400
    b 0 45 34 74 153 51 Pass 0 0
    c 0 43 44 36 123 41 Pass 0 72

    Passing marks are 33 and i want to have name of subjects failed by the student in one column

  93. Dan says:


    I'm very new to Excel and i'm trying to achieve something I was told is possible but I have no idea how.

    I'm after a formula that will return a value in one cell depending upon the data in another cell.

    For example;
    I want cell C2 to display 'PB' if any of 15 school names are typed into A2, 'FL' if a any of 5 names are typed in A2, 'EC' = 6 names in A2, 'RT' = 4 names, 'SK' = 13 names, 'SH' = 8 names, 'KL/WN' = 8 names and 'Hunt' = 7 names.

    I've tried nesting If functions and IF/OR, but I just receive errors saying there are too many arguments.

    Here is a quick snippet of a shorter version I tried; =IF(OR($A2="Abbey College",$A2="Ernulf Academy"),"Hunt","",IF(OR($A2="Jack Hunt",$A2="AMVC"),"PB",""))

    Any help would be appreciated.


  94. AMIT says:


    I need ur help to create right formula. This is giving results but not in numbers

  95. sathyajit says:

    Hi, i am entering multiple values separated by comma in a single cell and i do not want two values (for ex. a and b) to come together in a single cell. can you please tell the formula?

  96. Kristen says:

    Hi there! I have a formula that could be pretty long. Looking for some help.

    If column E = Eagle and column D = Select 6 and column P = 0-75 then column Q = 1.5%
    If column E = Eagle and column D = Select 6 and column P = 76-80 then column Q = 1.1%
    If column E = Eagle and column D = Select 6 and column P = 81-85 then column Q = .75%
    If column E = Eagle and column D = Platinum 5 or Platinum 7 and column P = 0-75 then column Q = .75%
    If column E = Eagle and column D = Platinum 5 or Platinum 7 and column P = 76-80 then column Q = .50%
    If column E = Eagle and column D = Platinum 5 or Platinum 7 and column P = 81-85 then column Q = .38%

    If column E = Symetra and column D = Edge GPS 5 or Edge GPS 7 then column Q = 1%
    If column E = Symetra and column D = Advantage Income, Custom 5, Custom 7, Select 5 or Select 7 then column Q = .5%

  97. Asim Mehmood says:

    i need guidance regarding following problem.
    I have data in three columns,First column contain ID, Second contain Disease name and third also contain disease name, now one ID is in multiple rows with data, so how can i combine data of same IDs in one row, and then in one cell.

    • Hi Asim,
      If we understand your task correctly, our Merge Duplicates Wizard can help you with this task. It allows you to combine duplicate rows into one without losing any data. Feel free to install a fully functional 7-day trial version of the add-in and see if it works as you need. Here is this direct download link.

      You can always find the detailed instructions on how to work with this tool on its help page.
      Please let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance.

  98. Khin Lae says:

    I'm confusing to use If And or IF Or function for following issue.

    If the on hand stock of each Size 6, 7 and 8 is zero, i would like to appear it as "size broken" and If the on hand stock of the rest size 5 and 9 is zero, it's nothing to appear.

    For example - I used below function but it does not work.

    IF(AND(C7=7,8,9,D7<=0),"Size broken","")
    Any help would be appreciated.

  99. Mark says:

    Hi everyone,

    I really need your help. The table below represents opportunities and its value for each prospect as follows;

    Prospect I Value I Stage
    Company A I $2000 I Stage 1
    Company B I $3000 I Stage 2
    Company C I $1000 I Stage 1
    Company D I $2000 I Stage 1
    Company A I $3000 I Stage 2
    Company B I $5000 I Stage 3
    Company A I $7000 I Stage 4
    Company C I $3000 I Stage 3

    1. I wanted to show ONLY the last value of the last stage for each company

    Company I Value I Stage
    Company A I $7000 I Stage 4
    Company B I $5000 I Stage 3
    Company C I $3000 I Stage 3
    Company D I $2000 I Stage 1

    2. I wanted to Add those last value of the last stage to have;

    Stage 1 I Stage 2 I Stage 3 I Stage 4
    $2000 I $0 I $8000 I $7000

    I would really appreciate any feedback even on one of the two parts.

  100. Michele Deville says:

    So glad I have found this! But need help with a multiple condition IF and AND formula.

    If Column C = regular, column D= technician, result is 97.5 but how to add if Column C or D is something different to change the result?

    =IF(((AND(C2:C25="REGULAR",D2:D25="TECHNICIAN")),97.5)'c2:c25="priority",d2:d25="technician", 146.25)

    I am looking at using 6 different results/combinations.

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