The promised update: ultimate set of tools for your Excel

The updates you were waiting for are served

The time has come for the update, Part Two! Thank you for telling me what you like about the add-ins and how they help. I heard every suggestion as well! Upon receiving your feedback, I was standing over our developers while they were coding numerous improvements. We took it further and found some more features that we could make better.

Now you can take advantage of the new version and find your requests in the enhanced tools. With all your thoughts implemented into code, what does Ultimate Suite release 2013.3 bring?

  • Improved quality & usability - it takes care of your data and time by detecting the table range and headers, and reminding you to back up the original worksheet. If a tool can take some time to organize the records, you will always know.
  • Focus on one task - now when you run an add-in, you can work on one specific task without distractions. Re-designed Suite Options let you hide any tools from the ribbon tabs until you need them.
  • Revised look and feel - standard Excel palette is there when you color your data; be sure the add-ins look good with any font settings.

If this stormy summer makes you stay at your computer, checking out the improvements is worth your time. If you already have the Suite, simply download and install the new version over your current one. Don't have it yet? You can try the add-ins without any limitations for 20 days - go ahead and get started!

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Do you have a need not taken care of?

As always, I'll be waiting for your thoughts in my inbox, on our Facebook and Google+ pages. Let me know if you can't find an easy way for a task that you regularly carry out. Who knows, it may become the next tool in your Suite!

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