How to share your Outlook templates with coworkers

When I started working at Ablebits support service, I didn't know really much about the add-ins but I was always able to provide the correct reply :). This is due to the Outlook Template Phrases add-in and the collection of email templates my colleague gave me. Now I know pretty much about the add-ins and I'm still happy to have this tool at hand.

In this article I'd like to show how you can share and improve email templates for Outlook together with your coworkers to guarantee that all letters leaving your company are professional and proofread.

Get your Outlook templates ready for sharing

Suppose you have your Template Phrases add-in up and running. First off, you need to create a folder with the text snippets you want to share. Now select the folder, click the Backup & Share icon on the add-in's toolbar and choose to export the selected folder.

Choose to export the selected folder

When you see the option to save the phrases, just drop the xml file to any location available for all users who need to work with the shared templates. It can be a network drive or common disk on your PC.

Import email templates

When the file with your templates is accessible by your coworkers, they can easily import it to their Template Phrases tool in Outlook.

It is necessary to click the Backup & Share icon on the add-in toolbar and select the Add shared templates option.

Select the Add shared templates option

Then browse for the file with shared templates and click OK. The needed folder will be at the end of the template tree. Any changes made to these templates will be available to all users.

Protect shared templates from changing

If you want to be the only person who changes the templates, you can protect them from any modification. All you need is to set the read-only attribute for the file:

  • Right-click the file with common templates in Windows Explorer and select the Properties option.
  • There will be a Read-only checkbox at the bottom of the window, tick it and click OK.
  • You can also set Permission level to Read only for the folder that contains the file.

If you find yourself writing similar emails in Outlook over and over again, Template Phrases add-in can become a great time saver. If you reply to the same emails together with your colleagues or need a newcomer to start replying to the clients really quickly, you'll appreciate the Shared Templates feature.

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