Excel tips & news 15-Dec-2011: Get interactive with web-based Excel mashups

Microsoft Excel digest: tips and tricks, interesting information and news

And again we picked several Excel news and tips for you. Check them out before Christmas holidays make you forget everything about work and get you on the bright carousel of presents, Champaign bubbles and holiday smiles.


Get interactive with web-based Excel mashups

Microsoft has launched a new web service known as ExcelMashup.com where you can embed an Excel file from Microsoft SkyDrive and mash it up with Excel Services JavaScript library to create interactive data visualizations. It's a wonderful tool for web developers who work on handy Excel based web apps.

Microsoft Excel 2003 security update

This security update solves a privately reported vulnerability that could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted Excel file. This security update is regarded Important for all supported editions of Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac. You can learn all the necessary details if you read this article on Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Tips & How-to for Excel

80 links to make you knowledgeable in any area of Excel

In this blog post Chandoo.org shares some of the best tutorials and examples for you to improve your Excel skills. The choice is based on the users' answers to the question, which Excel area they would like to learn more. The links were divided into 16 groups with 5 best sources in each. Plus 1 or 2 training programs, plus excellent external resources. Great job!

Look up with Lookups in Excel

When you need to find information in a table the lookup functions in Excel can help. While there was a lookup wizard in earlier versions of Microsoft Excel that made the process of creating a lookup quite easy, this is no longer available in Excel 2010. So it's very timely that Helen Bradley explains how to use the vlookup function in Microsoft Excel in this nifty post.

Embedding Excel files on your website

With Excel 2010, Microsoft introduced the possibility to edit Excel documents on-line. If you have a web account, you can place an Excel 2010 file on your SkyDrive. Then anyone with access to that folder can open it on-line for editing. You can learn more from the example.

Video: FIFA 12 - Excel tips and tricks - trading a list of players

If you are FIFA 12 fan and you are interested in selling footballers, in this video you will find some Excel tricks to help you trade a list of players.

Video: Drill through conditional formatting across sheets using format painter

We've also got some Excel magic for you. Watch how to conditionally format a row using a TRUE FALSE Logical Formula and drill through conditional formatting across sheets using format painter in this video blog post.

That's all for today. Hope after reading this digest you have become one step closer to excelling in Excel.

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