Microsoft Excel autumn tips digest

Here you will find some handy Excel tips and tricks

Whether it is complexity or simplicity of Excel that makes you read about it, this application is still a great tool for calculations, tracking data  and such. So today we are offering you a digest of the handiest (in our opinion) Excel tips and tricks that have been out since mid-October. We rummaged through the endless world of articles and here you go! Hopefully this information will help you boost your Excel experience and save some of your time.

Now where on the network did I save my workbook?

If this question bugs you as well, look at this article to learn how to add the Document Location box to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Quickly fill blank cells in a table

When blank cells don't let you process your data correctly, you should study this tip which shares a solution for filling blank cells in your spreadsheet.

Fill formula to last used row

Check out a quick one to learn about filling formula to the last used row.

Tip: You can convert your range with data into Excel table by pressing Ctrl+T in Excel 2007-2010 and Ctrl+L in version 2003. Then your formula will be automatically copied to all cells. You can read even more about it in our article Excel Table vs. range - which is better?

How to enter the same value on multiple sheets (or in multiple cells at once)

Here you'll find the answer to a user's question about entering the same formula on several worksheets in Excel.

Two tips for faster worksheet navigation from Excel blog

Last but not least, if you still find it tricky to simultaneously work with multiple worksheets in Excel, invest some time in reading this trick on Excel blog.
If you often work with several books you might also appreciate our Workbook Manager add-in which allows easy navigation between your worksheets and workbooks, insert, rename, delete, sort them in a click and more.

That's it for now. We are going to keep you informed on the latest MS Office news, updates, tips and tricks. Next time you will have a chance to learn more about Outlook. See you!


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