Brand-new Auto BCC for Microsoft Outlook is out!

The new version automatically adds CC and BCC addresses to your outgoing email even in 64-bit Outlook 2010

Never heard of it? What is Auto BCC?

When you work in a team and extensively use Outlook, you know how important it is to keep track of all replied messages. Your colleagues, boss or assistant all need to see the copies of your answers. Or you may need them yourself on another computer.

So how do you let others know that you answered a message? Of course you can shout if you are in the same room, but that doesn't guarantee your message will be remembered. Adding BCC addresses is the only option. But if you do it manually, you definitely know that "oops" feeling when you click "Send" and realize you failed to add the address. Forgetting to send one BCC copy may lead to many lost emails and a lot of lost time.

To avoid this, I use Auto BCC for Outlook add-in. You just spend 5 minutes to add a rule with some conditions and exceptions (you don't want your colleagues to read your shopping list) and forget about the task. The BCC address is added automatically each time you click Send.

A sample Auto BCC rule - create it just once and the address is added each time

So what's new?

First and foremost we added support of 64-bit Outlook 2010. The add-in also has new design and Outlook theme support, so now it will keep up with your Outlook color.

We know that many of you were waiting for this version to come out and we hope you'll enjoy it.

Download the new version

You can retire the old version by uninstalling it in Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

Feel free to download and install the updated version of Auto BCC for Outlook now.

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