How to create custom email signatures in Outlook 2010 - 2003

If you are like me, you probably spend more time answering and sending email than you do anything else in your day. In order to both save a little time with every email and to personalize them all, I have taken advantage of the custom email signature feature that Microsoft Outlook offers. There are multiple ways to put your individual mark on a new message you send out, a reply or a forward.

Creating your first Outlook email signature

Please note that my first set of instructions are for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007; I have included Outlook 2010 at the bottom.

Email Signatures in Outlook 2007

  • In Microsoft Outlook, click on the Tools Tab and scroll until you see the last function "Options".
    Find Options menu item
  • On the Options screen, you will want to choose the third tab over "Mail Format". Once here you will see the Signatures option near the bottom; click on that.
    Click on Signatures on the Mail Format tab
  • The Signatures page is where you create! Since you will not have any signatures to edit yet you will need to click on the "New" button, name your signature
    Enter the name of the new signature
    and then begin to type and edit away. You now have the ability to write like you would in a typical Word document - you have access to Text tools, Font Colors, Allignment, insert Images or add a Hyperlink.
  • The image below shows my main basic email signature. I have taken my company logo and made that the header and simply listed my name and title below. I like to put my signature in a color so it stands out from the rest of your email; I will show you a few more examples later.
    A sample signature with my company logo and name in color

Email Signatures in Outlook 2010

  • In Microsoft Outlook, click on File and scroll down until you see "Options"- choose this.
  • Select Mail from the Options choices, click on Signatures and begin the process!

Assigning your email signatures

You will need to decide if you want the email signature you just created to be used for all of your messages; you have the option of using one signature for New Messages and one signature for Replies/Forwards. You also have the ability to assign different signatures for each account you use in Microsoft Outlook.

In the top right section of the signatures box you should see the "Choose Default Signatures" option. If you have more than one signature created, you can now assign them to the appropriate messages by their given names.
Assign the signatures to the appropriate message type

A few samples of email signatures to help you get started…

Change your font to make it more like a handwritten signature

This is a little less formal, but still makes a nice impression when it is on all of your emails.
Changing font makes signatures look handwritten

Insert a business card from your contact list

This is done by clicking on the "Business Card" button on the bottom right of the Signatures screen (see it circled in red). This will bring over any information that you have in your Microsoft Outlook Contacts, picture included. It saves you the time typing the information in if you are already listed in the Contacts section.

You'll have all the contact information at handAdd a business card to your signature using this button

Add a Hyperlink and Image

To help promote for your company and drive business to a website each time you email. This is done by clicking on the "Image" icon or "Hyperlink" icon on the bottom right of the Signatures screen (see the Image icon highlighted by the green box and the Hyperlink icon highlighted by the green circle).
The recipients can see your company logo or go to your websiteAdd an image or a hyperlink using these buttons

There are so many ways to create email signatures; I love that setting up new signatures is so easy... change your mood, change your signature! This function really only takes the initial set up time and then Microsoft Office does the rest... why wouldn't you take advantage of it!

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  1. Michael Luna says:

    I am trying to not have my signature stacked up and down. I would like a picture with my name to the right of it and contact info below the pic. Under that I want quick links to twitter, facebook, linkedin. Is this possible through outlook. I did this through an app on my ipad looks great. I tried to copy and paste it but the conversion is off.

  2. Dorris Igler says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait ..

  3. tariq says:

    how I am write sign that start to my name??

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  5. Gul Agha says:

    How I am write sing that start to my name??

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    i want a signature in my name please

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    show me (H) signature style......
    I want (H) signature style......
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    I want signature of my name, could you send me that on my email iD.

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