Hello, World - why we are starting one more blog for Office users

We initially started creating our add-ins for Microsoft Office applications to make some common tedious tasks simple and fast. A few thousand support requests later, we decided to start this blogging tips site.

You may have just started, or you could be working with Microsoft Excel or MS Outlook for years; yet they always leave something that can be made a little easier. Here you'll find friendly tips to simplify your work with these Microsoft Office applications. You can read about MS Excel and Outlook and their features that look complicated at first. You'll see how plain they are in fact after you read the posts.

Even advanced users may be surprised about some ways you can combine the features of our add-ins and those of Excel and Outlook and the result you get. There is always little something we want to add for those of you who find basic features not enough. So now there is a place where you can go and get all the details :-). For those of you who are new to the add-ins, you'll see some tasks you can complete and more general examples of solutions you can apply to almost any job in Excel and Outlook.

There are quite a few authors who contribute. Some are advanced users of Microsoft Office who have something to share, some are fans and long-term users of our plug-ins, some of us provide support for the add-ins and are also fans of the products :-).

We hope that these tips will make you a stronger and a more successful Excel and Outlook user. You are always welcome here! And we are always glad to hear your feedback, please use comments form.

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