Split Names for Google sheets

Take the name parts you need from a cell into different columns in your sheet

This add-on makes it easier to divide full names you have in one column. Once you start the tool, you can tick off the name parts you need and get them in separate columns in a click.

  • Pull out first, middle, and last names
  • Get titles and post-nominals in separate columns
  • The add-on will recognize over 80 suffixes and postfixes
  • Click once to see the names spread out to the corresponding columns.
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Split full names into the required parts

Smart name recognition

Extract first and last names into separate columns

Every time you deal with data that were taken from different sources, you can end up having names formatted in different ways. It's not an issue until you need to pull out first names to address people correctly in your newsletter. Simple breakdown by position won't work as titles and post-nominals will mix everything up. This is when this Google Sheets add-on comes in handy. It will fish out the name parts from the selected cells and insert new columns with the results. You have only one thing left to do, which is to pick the name units you need.

Choose only the name parts you need

Pick the name units you need

The add-on window offers five check boxes with the parts of the names you can tick off. One additional box is there to say whether or not you have a header row. Even if everything is mixed in the original column, selecting the boxes next to those entries that you need to extract is all it takes with Split Names.

Your table can have suffixes put before or after, the add-on will still recognize any common ones due to a thought-through algorithm of name recognition.


Split full names into the required parts
Extract first and last names into separate columns
Pick the name units you need
Click to get the name parts in the columns they belong to

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