How to merge two sheets

How to work with the Merge Sheets add-on in Google Sheets

Get the add-on

Merge Sheets add-on is a great assistant for bringing the latest data from another sheet into your main table. Follow five simple steps to complete the process:

Step 1: Select your main table

Open Merge Sheets from the "Add-ons" menu

Go to Add-ons > Merge Sheets > Start to open the tool.

Your main table is the one that will be updated as the result of the process.

You can select the sheet that contains your main table in the 'Select your main sheet' drop-down list.

Please select the sheet that contains duplicates

Click on the Auto select button to select the entire range with data in your sheet.

You can edit the range either by manually typing the address in the 'Select the range with your table' field, or by selecting the necessary cells right in your sheet.

Select the 'Create a backup copy of the sheet' check box to keep the original table.

Click Next to go to the second step or Cancel to close the add-on window.

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