Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets

Search within notes, formulas, values, and links at the same time

This add-on provides all you need for advanced search. Google spreadsheet can have your value in formulas, notes, and links on different sheets, and this tool will show you the entire list of matches. A click on any result will bring you to the necessary cell in an instant. Besides being able to export the found records, you can replace all or only the selected values.

  • Find and replace in a selected range or any selected sheets
  • See the full list of found entries right in the sidebar
  • Export rows with the values you're looking for

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Search within notes, formulas, links, and values

Search everywhere

See all found values listed in the sidebar

Advanced options in this add-on provide a thorough scan across the entire spreadsheet. Enter the search query and pick other criteria, e.g. you can consider case, data type, and retrieve the cells that contain only the exact entry.

Search and replace within a selected range or the entire sheet: you can choose where to look for your record. The add-on will get the most precise results by picking all relevant items.

Advanced replacement

Replace any selected records

Forget about switching to each found value one after another. You will see all matching records listed with the cell address and data type. Simply click on the record in the list to select it in your sheet. It may also be helpful to bring the search results to a separate sheet, you can export them with any adjacent data.

Need to find and replace text within a formula? Select it and click the Replace button. You can select several entries by holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard and change them all at once by clicking Replace all. With this add-on, replacing all search results is as easy as a click.

Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets: video how-to

Advanced Find and Replace screenshots

Search within notes, formulas, links, and values
See all found values listed in the sidebar
Replace any selected records
Export search results with adjacent information

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