Random Generator for Microsoft Excel

Generating random passwords, text strings codes in Excel

Random password generator for Excel

Random Generator is a wonderful tool for filling cells with the necessary string data. You can define the character set, click to Generate and get crack-proof random passwords, codes or IDs.

Using this helpful program you can also generate alphanumeric strings, random text or SKUs in Excel 2016, 2013-2007.

Generate random password strings of a given length

  1. Select a range that you want to fill with random passwords in your Excel worksheet and open the Strings section in Random Generator.
  2. Specify the character set(s) you want to use. There are letters in upper and lower case, numbers, space, certain characters like punctuation marks with some commonly used symbols, and Hexadecimals that you can choose from.
  3. If you need to generate random password strings using only certain characters, check the Custom checkbox and type or copy / paste these characters. You can use this option alone or in combination with other character sets.
  4. Click the string length radio button to set the number of characters for the generated passwords. You can enter it manually or select it by clicking the up and down arrows. The strings can be from 1 to 99 characters long. Click the arrows for expanding the Strings section
  5. Click the Generate button

You can easily see that besides being a really good number generator, this plug-in is a perfect random password generator for Excel.

Fill cells in Excel with random strings

If you need random alphanumeric strings, codes, random text or other string data, go to the Strings section in the Random Generator pane.

  1. Select the necessary character set(s): letters in upper and lower case, numbers, space, certain characters like punctuation marks with some commonly used symbols, Hexadecimals, and/or Custom characters.
  2. If you need to pre-specify your codes, SKUs or IDs, you can generate random strings of a given pattern. You can use the By mask option to set the pattern. A question mark (?) stands for one character. E.g. if you need to get a string like this "F0E3-AD27-53A0", use the following mask "????-????-????".

    You can also have constant symbols in your strings when generating them by mask. Here is an example: you want the first 3 characters in the strings to be 000, so all you do is type in this mask: 000-????-????. Choose a pattern in the By mask drop-down list
  3. You can also use one of the default templates. Click the down arrow next to the By mask option to select one of the suggested patterns.
  4. Click on the Generate button and get your random data strings: passwords, codes, IDs, and so on.

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