Split Text to Columns in Excel online

Divide text into several columns by any delimiters

If you work in Office 365, you may be missing the Text to Columns functionality in Excel online. This simple add-in will help you automate splitting text across multiple columns. Whenever you want to divide parts of addresses or pull out product details into separate columns, run the Split Text to Columns add-in.

You can detach words by any standard or custom character; here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Select the column with the text you’d like to split
  • Choose what characters to use as delimiters in the add-in sidebar: check the boxes with standard separators or enter your own
  • Click Split

The add-in will create columns for the data between the selected delimiters. Feel free to use any combination of characters: the add-in will split data at each one you select. Besides, you can use the option to treat consecutive delimiters as one to avoid creating extra columns.
Learn more about how the add-in works.

Download Duplicate Remover from the Office Store

What's new:

Current version:

  • Divide text to columns by any standard delimiters: spaces, line breaks, commas, semicolons.
  • Use “Custom” field for any special characters as separators.
  • Consider consecutive delimiters as one and avoid creating empty columns.


Select the delimiters used in your cells

Select the delimiters used in your cells

Split values to columns by any characters

Split values to columns by any characters

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