Synkronizer for Excel

Your favorite way to compare Excel files

Synkronizer is a must-have tool if your task is to compare two or more Excel files. The developers of the add-in have been improving it for 15 years to guarantee the accuracy you can trust and to make Synkronizer the best software to compare Excel sheets for differences and merge several file versions into one.

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Complete support for:

Technical Requirements

 Supported Excel versions

  • Excel 2016 x64 & x86
  • Excel 2013 x64 & x86
  • Excel 2010 x64 & x86
  • Excel 2007 x86

 Supported Windows versions

  • Windows 10 x64 & x86
  • Windows 8.1 x64 & x86
  • Windows 8 x64 & x86
  • Windows 7 x64 & x86
  • Windows Vista x64 & x86
  • Windows XP x86
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