Text Toolkit for Microsoft Excel

Replace carriage returns , convert text to numbers in Excel 2016, 2013-2007

Convert numbers stored as text to number format, replace line breaks

If you need to trim spaces in Excel, Text Toolkit is exactly what you need. Besides removing excess spaces with this helpful tool you can convert numbers stored as text to number format, replace irrelevant characters with new ones and even replace the carriage return in Excel 2016-2007.

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Convert text

  1. If you need to convert text to number format, change irrelevant characters or replace line breaks in Excel, click the Convert icon you will find on Ablebits Data tab to run the Convert Text tool:
  2. Convert Text tool
  3. Select the cells where you need convert values. You will see the range address at the top of the pane.
  4. Choose the radio button with the way you want to convert records: Change digits formatted as text to number format by choosing this option

Convert numbers stored as text to numbers

Sometimes numerical data in worksheets are formatted as text, it often happens when digits are imported from a database. One of the ways to indicate that numbers have text format is to put an apostrophe before them. You can select this option and click the Convert button to change text to number format in the selected Excel range.

Convert individual characters

Your spreadsheet may contain irrelevant characters that you need to replace individually with a new one. Use this option to avoid repeating the same steps.

  • Enter all characters you want to replace individually in the Convert characters
  • Type the character that will replace the unwanted ones in the to
  • Click the Convert button to see the results.

Replace carriage returns in Excel

When you import databases from an external source to an Excel spreadsheet, they may contain extra line breaks that need to be replaced with a space or some other character.

You can select one of standard replacements for the carriage returns in your Excel cells in the Convert line break to drop-down list: a space, a comma, or a semicolon, or enter your own characters in the field and click the Convert button.

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