Converting case in Excel

How to change words to upper, lower and proper case or capitalize each cell

Change case in Excel cells to UPPER, lower, Proper, or capitalized

Text Toolkit for Excel is really good at trimming data imported from an external source. One of other handy features it has is the ability to change case in Excel 2016 - 2007.

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Change case of cell values

  1. Click on the Change Case icon that you’ll find in the Text group on Ablebits Data tab in Excel. Open the Change case section by clicking on the arrows
  2. Select the range in Excel where you need to convert case.
  3. Select the case you need from the list. Select the upper case option to change all words to upper case You can select one of the following four options:
    • To UPPER case - all the words within selected cells will take upper case.
    • To lower case - the cell values will be converted to lowercase.
    • To Proper case - The first letter of each word within a cell will become capital and all other letters will be changed to lower case.
      Note. If you have any acronyms in your cells, only the first letter of the abbreviation will keep upper case.
    • Capitalize each cell - the first character in the cell will become capital.
    As you can’t undo changes made by add-ins in Excel, we recommend keeping the Back up the worksheet option selected.
  4. Click the Change case button to apply changes to the selected range.

Whether you need to automatically change lower case to upper case or capitalize each cell in your Excel worksheet, this add-in will be your reliable assistant. With Cell Cleaner you will easily change text case to make your table look exactly as you want.

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