Merge multiple Excel cells into one

Merge Cells is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that combines multiple text cells. Use it to join values from several cells to one and merge several cells, rows, or columns keeping all data.

Before you start

Back up your worksheet

We care about your data and suggest you always create backup copies of your files. A special option of the wizard will do that for you if you select it.

Merge several areas at once

The add-in brings together all areas in the selection, including non-adjacent ones.

Start Merge Cells

Run the add-in by clicking on its icon in the Merge group on the Ablebits Data tab:
Merge Cells icon on the Ablebits Data tab.

How to combine Excel cells, columns, and rows

The add-in's window lets you adjust the following options:
Fine-tune the options to merge data as needed.

  1. One click on the Expand selection icon highlights the entire table automatically.
  2. Click the Select range icon and you will get a dialogue box that allows you to pick the necessary cells:
    A dialogue window for you to choose the range to merge.
  3. Choose how to merge your cells:
    • Columns into one. Bring data from the cells in each row into one cell:
      Combine columns row by row.
    • Rows into one. Combine rows in each column into one cell:
      Merge several rows column by column.
    • Cells into one. Merge all selected cells into one cell:
      Bring the data from all cells into a single cell.
  4. Separate values with offers a set of standard delimiters to use between the merged values:
    • Semicolon (;)
    • Comma (,)
    • Full stop (.)
    • Space ()
    • Line break ()
    Tip. You can enter any combination of characters into the field or leave it blank to stitch the values together. The separators you enter manually are saved in the drop-down list for the next time you use the add-in.
  5. Choose destination cells for the resulting values in the drop-down Place the results to list:
    • Left column or right column if you merge columns.
    • Top row or bottom row when you combine rows.
    • Top-left cell, top-right cell, bottom-left cell, or bottom-right cell for when you bring all cells into one.
  6. Use 4 additional options to adapt the results to your table:
    • Check the Clear the contents of the selected cells checkbox to delete the source values after merging them:
      Clear the contents of the selected cells.
    • If you want to combine the selected cells, and not only their values, choose to Merge all areas in the selection:
      Merge all areas in the selection.
    • Avoid getting extra separators when merging values by checking off Skip empty cells.
    • Select the Wrap text option to make the joined values visible in your worksheet.
  7. We recommend choosing to Create a backup copy of the worksheet to get a copy of your current table as is.

Click the Merge button to combine values from the selected columns in Excel.

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