Power Tools: 20+ add-ons for Google Sheets

Power Tools is a collection of 20+ add-ons for Google Sheets. They help speed up most of your daily tasks, both complex and simple, enhancing your performance and saving your time. Get help with cleaning up and organizing data in your Google Sheets. Pick the group below to learn the tools it has to offer.

Start Power Tools

Start the add-on from Add-ons > Power Tools > Start or pick the tool group you need right from the menu:
Use Google Sheets menu to start the add-on.
Select the range of cells you want to process in your sheet before running the add-on or any time before clicking any action button.

Choose the action

Power Tools: 20+ add-ons for Google Sheets.

  1. Smart Toolbar is a set of one-click tools for the most common task:
    • Advanced Find and Replace to search, substitute, or export values, formulas, notes, hyperlinks, and errors in any selected sheets.
    • Freeze to lock top rows and left columns in your tables.
    • Function by Color to sum, count, and calculate in other ways different cells based on their colors.
    • Calculate to quickly insert formulas with the most popular functions for multiple data ranges.
    • Change Case to switch between different capitalizations of the text.
    • Unpivot Table to transform your cross-tab table and get columns as row values instead.
    • Flip to exchange records between columns, rows, or cells.
    • Unmerge to divide combined cells into multiple separate cells.

    One-click utilities of the Smart Toolbar.

  2. Dedupe & Compare group contains add-ons that scan your data for duplicates, uniques, and their 1st occurrences. It's up to you to decide whether to color, remove, copy, or move what's been found. Use three add-ons to:

    Dedupe & Compare in Power Tools.

  3. Merge & Combine group is equipped with 4 utilities to bring data together:
    • Merge Values transfers values within rows, columns, or a range of cells and separates them with a delimiter of your choice.
    • Merge Sheets matches data in common columns of two spreadsheets and updates one table with the corresponding records from another.
    • Combine Rows searches for duplicate entries in the columns you select, merges corresponding uniques and calculates subtotals.
    • Combine Sheets joins data from multiple sheets into one sheet preserving column headers.

    Merge & Combine in Power Tools.

  4. With the Text group you will change case, add text to cells by position, and replace special characters. It's also possible to polish all text by removing extra spaces, adding lost spaces after punctuation marks, and turning text into Sentence case - all in one click.
  5. Use the options from the Remove group to get rid of unwanted characters and their substrings, excess spaces and delimiters, blank or unused rows and columns.
  6. Split data from one cell into multiple cells by delimiters, strings, or position. Split names to get each name part separately.
  7. Randomize features 2 helpful add-ons:
    • Random Generator to generate strong passwords or strings by mask or character sets, create lists of random dates and numbers, or use your own lists of values to mix up.
    • Shuffle to rearrange records in rows or columns in no particular order.

    Randomize in Power Tools.

  8. Tweak multiple formulas in your spreadsheet in a blink of an eye: convert relative cell references to absolute ones or even their values. Alter all selected formulas according to the pattern you set or auto apply 12 most common functions to all selected columns.
  9. The Clear tool will remove different types of values from your spreadsheet, from dates and notes, to formatting and hyperlinks.
  10. Last but not least, you will convert text to numbers or dates, change the number sign, and export the data to JSON or XML formats.

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